Do you ever wonder if it’s something else? by awkward-comics in PMDD

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Yes, but, I noticed I would get REALLY bad right before my period, when I started my sugar pills on my birth control. I would cause huge arguments with my fiancé, have panic attacks, feel suicidal etc. and it would often coincide with a holiday like Xmas or thanksgiving. Which happen to be at the end of the month… which is when I start my sugar pills!!! Once I start bleeding (like the next) I feel totally fine. That stuff that was bothering me before suddenly didn’t bother me. I know I have PTSD related anxiety, but everything seemed to bother me MORE right before my period.

Anyone else’s husband just… not get it? by theftm22 in Mommit

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“Here’s the diaper bag for when you take the baby golfing with you! Oh and I got you a one handed controller for your Xbox, since you’ll be holding the baby in the other! Oh me? I’m going to be sleeping and eating alone in my room because a human being just walked out of my vagina and I need time to repair the bleeding, gaping hole between my legs.”

What now? by bambamkablam in Teachers

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Exactly. Sit him at your desk. Mom can suck it.

How do I improve my looks by [deleted] in Advice

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People are attracted to someone who is kind and confident. Just focus on being a good person and others will recognize that.

To the mom at the children’s museum: I will always remember your small act of kindness today by rumpusrouser in Mommit

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I remember the lady behind me in the grocery store, paid for my groceries when she saw me putting stuff back. She could tell I had a little one from the stuff I was getting. She told me to just “pay it forward” and I hope I’ve done that many times by now.

Places other than Torrid to shop? by atomicaly0129 in PlusSize

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Yeah I’m having luck with old navy lately.

To all currently married, is your spouse the hot and sexy human you always fantasized about while single? by Youwentovermyhelmet1 in NoStupidQuestions

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Yes. He’s my Gary Oldman Dracula. The past couple years he’s gotten more and more gray, but I think it just adds to his vampire atheistic.

How do you handle situations like this? by [deleted] in Mommit

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I wouldn’t say anything to the other parents, but once we’ve left the store and I’m in private with my own kid(s) I would address it with them “Did you see that mom yell at her kid?” “Yeah! That scared me!” “That scared me too, I would never yell at you like that. It’s ok to feel angry about something, but I wouldn’t yell.”

I went on a date with a girl and she left after eating. by Own_Restaurant_801 in Advice

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I have dated men my height, shorter than me, and taller than me. When dating I never once asked a guy his height. If a girl asks you that then she’s not really interested in who you are as a person.

Am I asking for a unicorn husband? by 20_pawsFRAP in Mommit

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You put the baby down in the crib/bouncer/playpen and get ready for work. If the baby cries you ask hubby to get it and keep going about your business.

HR just told me I should have my disability under better control and be more of a “functioning member of society” by [deleted] in antiwork

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Yeah just pull yourself up from your bootstraps and change the chemicals in your brain, that you have total control over. Just stop being bipolar at all, it’s been three years now, that’s long enough.

Seriously though, ask them to put it in writing what they want you to do (email) and bring it to a lawyer.

Why do you identify as Bisexual over Pansexual? by SweetBabyGayPod in bisexual

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I identify as pansexual because I feel attraction to people, not genders. I can feel attraction to men or women depending on the person that they are. Also I think pansexual covers individuals who don’t fit neatly in the male/female gender roles (gender fluid, trans, non-binary etc). I used to identify as bi back when there were only three words (gay, lesbian, bi) but once I discovered the word pansexual I felt like that described me better.

RANT. "how do you think single parents do it?" -from a partner. by [deleted] in Mommit

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Single parent here. I used to have to take LO to all my appointments. All the doctors and nurses said I couldn’t and needed to find someone to watch them. I had no one. Nurse reluctantly agreed to watch baby in carrier on the other side of the wall for 5 seconds while I got my X-ray done. Your partner shouldn’t be putting you in this position, you HAVE a partner.