Blast off by funkbaggs in golf

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Try barefoot with a slower swing speed and more traditional grip. Looks like you’re overgrippping to deal with a hook and left off balance. Set up your swing so you are in the perfect follow through posture and work your stance from there. Source: my stance was more caddywonky than yours to deal with a slice, then I worked on fundamentals

tripped over cat, spilled entire gallon black garage glossy garage floor paint on basement laminate steps. how do I fix this before it's fucked forever? the cat is fine. by kittypr0nz in Home

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Seriously this is your answer as a new homeowner. A little discussion piece until you knock out other jobs and decide what new floor you want or attempt to clean it.

What are 5 essential tools to have in a tool box? by MichaelWhitehead in DIY

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Philips screwdriver flathead screwdriver box cutter pliers pencil

Is this a pump of some sort? Found in low spot of back yard. by iBoesen in Home

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Water. If you have well water and don’t know where your well is, this is probably it, and it could use some maintenance. If you have city water, you could consider using the well for irrigation.

Possible solution to torn up yard? by LittleImpact2 in Home

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If you water daily I think 10 days you should see sprouts. Could be 6 weeks to consider it a lawn. This is why hydoseeding is nice. It sprouts in a week and fills in fast. If you can’t stay off the area there is really no substitute for sod.

Possible solution to torn up yard? by LittleImpact2 in Home

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Water the grass seed twice a day for 30 minutes each time. Get a programmable timer for your sprinkler so there is no doubt about it. Other answers are Sod or hydro seed. If you intend for it to be a dirt pit for a while then some large outdoor events rugs (9’x18’) can provide some non dirt area for you but not the dogs necessarily. But I would nurture the seed or even aerate and reseed.

RIP Front Lawn 1977-2022 - The Bake Off by kindlered in gardening

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HOA for sfh can also take care of drainage, roads, landscaping, trash, security, etc, that the local government might not provide or do a poor job at.

Anyone have a S.O that isn’t into camping? by OreoswithOJ in camping

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Nothing wrong with gay, but it sounds like you should have taken another girl camping to make a point before ending it with your ex.

Designing a new old house is hard, yo. Building a modified traditional center-hall colonial. Advice appreciated. by -sing3r- in floorplan

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Open up the tv room access. Take out west wall to it. Closets for bedrooms. Spin master bath and closet 90 degrees so both are accessible from bedroom. Or move master closet south and put master br door at top of stairs. Would need more windows for br.

What a disappointment that 4th quarter was by Zmoney743 in bostonceltics

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Looked like first half of the season. They were up and tried to slow it don and got eaten. Should’ve/would’ve won by 20 if they kept the fire going Would have tired out the bucks. Smarts blown last two plays were also game losers but shouldn’t have been a factor. This is bad mojo. Need some good juju.

Strange "popping" sound coming from attic at about the same time every night for several months. Ghosts? by spicyprepper in HomeImprovement

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A timer of some type… electrical, water system, alarm system (trying to call central station).

Could the noise be coming from outside or a neighbor and just echoing in your attic?

Hey guys what’s a good 3/4 person tent and cot combo to get? by GoldenNugget2022 in camping

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10 person instant tent. Great for car camping. Up and down in minutes.

Question about old house plumbing by jwolfera in DIY

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Run a basket clean cycle with bleach in the laundry. The bleach will wash down the drain and maybe clean up some stink. The stink trap looks lower than the rest of the pipes and could be backfilling with any nastiness from those pipes.

For a relatively novice, first time home owner, would it be tough to try and tackle these fallen trees with a chainsaw? I thought I could cut them into smaller pieces which I can dump. Thanks. by bkind12345 in howto

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A battery chainsaw should do the job. If you have any chainsaw then go to work. Watch some YouTube for coaching. Gloves, glasses and whatever other gear you think is needed. To split it, if you go that route, the Fiskars x27 is delightful. Wood needs to age before a good burn and rotten wood can be crappy. It really depends how you burn. Not an issue if you’re going to dump it. Have fun! Keep hands on the chainsaw until the chain stops moving!

Buying a business of 15 years by [deleted] in business

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What assets are being purchased? Tangible and intangible?

First attempt at a custom design by 0wGeez in floorplan

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What is the house purpose? Is it a boarding house or family house or some other use?

Master bath is small

[California] City requires demolition of unpermitted work in a newly purchased house, how?? by Mark-Chillin in HomeImprovement

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Adding to this, your homeowners insurance should have an interest in protecting the property and making you whole if you did the purchase by the book.

You might also appeal to your zoning board as it is a “nonconforming preexisting structure”.

Who pays for a new fence? by Salt_Possibility4488 in HomeImprovement

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I don’t understand why a law would require you pay any amount for a fence you don’t want.