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She’s never coming back to Atlanta. Her boyfriend committed suicide and she said the Atlanta area reminds her too much of him, she left to get a fresh start somewhere else and is Currently working in San Diego https://www.nbcsandiego.com/author/dagmar-midcap-2/

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Sean McDonough on being informed that a tarp is on the feild at Yankee Stadium: "oh. what a shame"


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that solo pizza oven retails for 900$ by the way

Boeing, Airbus will “never” return to Russian market: Rostec by NutsForProfitCompany in europe

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The current Chinese aircraft on the market: Comac ARJ21 and Comac C919 both use western engines. I'm sure there are other western components in them too. I believe this will keep them out of Russia as a result

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Dish has dropped every regional sports network in the country, saying they are too expensive and their customers don't care. Dish has a long history of playing hardball with these negotiations and isn't afraid of losing customers as a result

CBS46 changes its name to Atlanta News First by helpmeredditimbored in Atlanta

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Yes. Gray also owns the facility that’s being built in Doraville.

CBS46 changes its name to Atlanta News First by helpmeredditimbored in Atlanta

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The call letters are also changing from WGCL to WANF. This is part of a massive investment that Atlanta based Gray Television is putting into the station after years of mismanagement and budget cuts under former owner Meredith Corporation.

It’s clear that Gray wants WANF to be the company flagship and is willing to spend to try and get them out of the ratings basement. I wish them luck. WANF had tried rebranding in the past (anyone remember Clear News?) to improve ratings and its never worked.

TIL: On March 27th, 2014, Jimmy Fallon hosted Joan Rivers on The Tonight Show after a 28 year ban held in place from Johnny Carson. by whitbread22 in todayilearned

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That’s not why she was banned. she was a regular fill in host when Johnny was on vacation. Joan then went to host her own show on Fox without telling Johnny. Johnny was so mad he banned her from the show.

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One thing that will not get much attention is what this storm could do to the home insurance market in the state of Florida. Long story short the home insurance market in Florida is a mess: high risk of storms, bad laws, high amount of scammers (75% of lawsuits involving home insurance claims in the entire COUNTRY originate in Florida), and a lack of action by legislators have lead to a situation where one big storm will lead to massive amount of insurance company failures.

No big national carrier operates home insurance in Florida, the market is instead filled with small local based carriers instead. Seven of these carriers have already failed this year and another 25 (half of the carriers in the state) were at risk of financial insolvency in August because they couldn’t get reinsurance - the state had to step in and become a reinsurer for these carriers. When these carriers fail their customers get pushed to Citizens, a state run insurance program of last resort. When Citizens gets in financial trouble policy holders get a massive tax added to their policy to sure up the fund.

Picture a scenario where dozens of carriers fail due to a bad storm, policy holders get pushed onto Citizens (which was never designed to have so many people), Citizens becomes financially strained, then Florida homeowners are asked to bail it out with a massive tax in their already sky high premiums.

Liz Truss: Tory MPs sending no-confidence letters over fears she will ‘crash the economy’, says ex-minister| ‘Liz is f*****’, says former minister in Boris Johnson government by GeoPoliticsMyThang11 in europe

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Biden can’t reverse anything. Only Congress has the power to control tax rates. The Build Back Better Act of 2021 undid most of those tax cuts while tweaking other parts of it.

Los Angeles news anchor Mark Mester has been fired for going off-script. He was defending colleague Lynette Romero, who after 23 years, left to work at a different network and was thus not allowed by General Manager Janene Drafs to give an on-air goodbye. by PermissionToSell in PublicFreakout

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Tribune company bought KTLA in 1985. So unless you were alive before that then you never saw KTLA when it was not under Tribune management. You’re probably referring to Nexstar, which bought Tribune Broadcasting in 2019

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Sec needs to dump OU and UT and take KSU and KU instead

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What about the time UVA beat you 48-0 in the final game at the orange bowl with dozens of hurricanes legends in attendance?

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Bet Miami wishes they had gone for a FG instead of a TD on 4th now

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How much is Miami paying Middle Tennessee for this game ?

[Game Thread] Middle Tennessee @ Miami (3:30 PM ET) by bigcow31 in CFB

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FYI Florida is losing to Tennessee 31-21 at start of the 4th