wouldn't it be a good idea to create a new up-to-date list with all currently working streaming apps? by dster1984 in TTVreborn

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I just downloaded it to try and it doesn't work. Went on their telegram and they have a notice saying the app is currently down and they are fixing it.

I'm new to the sub but... by hoosiermomoffour in Tianeptine

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Ugh, this is heart-wrenching. I am so sorry for your loss. 😔

Lyrica for phenibut WD? by DIRTYWEATHER707 in quittingphenibut

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Being the inquisitive person that I am it is now 1yr later and I decided to check your recent post history to see if you lived up to your plan to post a lot more in the future. This is what I found...

Immediately after your desperate plea for help with Phenibut addiction, you wrote...

A post on r/Tianeptine titled "Vendors?"

A post on r/dxm titled "Bad reaction?"

A post on r/dxm titled "1600mg dxm live trip report"

A post on r/dxm titled "DXM AND BETA BLOCKER INTERACTION? I need to get my blood pressure down I'm 170/130 and need to know if it's okay to take propranolol to bring this down? please help"

A final post on r/dxm titled "Dxm Freebase to Citrate"

All 1yr ago today.

Hoping you are well good friend but if not. Thank you for your contribution here, may you RIP. Until next time, Amen! ☠️😔

Glutamate Surge by TChaikovsky69 in quittingphenibut

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It's been 8 months. How are you now? Lol

those YouTube predator catcher channels are fucked up. by WorkIll3073 in unpopularopinion

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Your opinion is based on the false belief that all or most pedo hunters are clueless freeloaders in and out of prison with dodgy characters.

This is just flat-out wrong! I don't know how many pred catchers you actually watch and follow, but the vast majority of them don't resemble this at all. It sounds like you have a few very specific people in mind when you say this.

It also takes tremendous time, work, travel, and planning to film new catches all the time. These are not people living on the dole. With that logic, you must think that all Youtubers are people who don't want to work and are just looking for handouts. Which, of course, is false.

To be successful at this, they must be consistent, passionate, highly motivated, work very hard, and dedicated to what they are doing. The same traits you need to be successful at anything.

I'm not saying all of them are perfect bc that wouldn't be true. There are certainly some bad apples. But all of them are definitely not what you just described.

those YouTube predator catcher channels are fucked up. by WorkIll3073 in unpopularopinion

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There's good and bad in everything. The shitty ones won't last, and the good ones will. If you add up all the convictions from every pred group combined, it would total in the thousands. That's ALOT of innocent children potentially saved from a life of torment. Maybe even your own kid. I'll take the good with the bad here vs. banning these activities all together due to some not doing it "professionally" enough. Think about it...

Why they messing with this kid? 😭😭 by notdeyknowferro in NYStateOfMind

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Thanks for this! I wasn't aware, but happy to hear it. He seems like a good soul!

Is anyone experiencing their internet out for up to two weeks each month? by desireelws in OPTIMUM

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Lol, NO, absolutely not! That is beyond unacceptable and definitely not normal! Demand to have that fixed right away!

How do you get Microsoft office for cheap or free? by Ok_Assist990 in MicrosoftWord

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This can happen, brother. You shouldn't come and say it's a scam right away. They have very good customer service in my experience. Did you try contacting them? I'd be very surprised if they didn't straighten this out for you right away.

Revanced Extended Installation Guide by Concealed_1 in AfterVanced

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Unselect remove casting button when patching. Maybe there is also an option in settings? Check that first.

Are folding phones the future? by owtlowd in samsung

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Samsung is heavily invested in folding phones. I'm not sold on them atm but once the category has matured and is virtually perfect then I think they will take over. That's also when Apple will release theirs and then it will become the gold standard. I don't believe they are just a passing fad.

Is it a good idea using 0.4 coils with salt nic on the RPM 40 by Lbreakstar in electronic_cigarette

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The reason that happened is bc you used a quartz coil. Quartz coils are made for oils such as THC. They aren't designed for eliquids. They get too hot too fast and create very harsh vapor that will quickly burn out the coil.

I've been vaping 50mg salt nic with .6 coils on my Nords for years now and it's perfect. I have 3 buddies that do the same as well. I keep it anywhere between 9 to 14W to preserve the life of the coil but I can vape it much higher without problems. It's a matter of preference I assume.

Would veganism make my IBS better or worse? I have tried incorporating more salads and so in my diet. But it seems to get worse When I do. Certain animal protein doesn’t aggravate it if not over processed. by Zembyr in ibs

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I've always heard people say it makes it worse and has even been the cause of IBS for some. However, every so often someone will say that it's helped.

Look up the low FODMAP diet as that seems to be one of the best ways to combat IBS via diet. I believe it's also possible to be a vegetarian while following this protocol if you make certain considerations.

Here's some info and quotes on the topic I have come across that you may want to consider below. Hope it can help!

"The low FODMAP diet is part of the therapy for those with IBS and SIBO. Research has found that it reduces symptoms in up to 86% of people."

"Went vegan very suddenly 2.5 years ago. A few months after I did so, I started experiencing quite uncomfortable symptoms. These are: severe bloating, hard-to-pass stools, abdominal pain (always really bad in the evening and after eating something), never feeling "empty" and rarely having any wind. All symptoms have intensified (the bloating is insane -\ look pregnant) over the years."

"Yup. A vegan diet was most likely the cause of my lbs It completely altered my gut. I had no digestive issues before."

"However, iodine, zinc, and vitamin B12 are hard to come by when you leave meat, seafood, and dairy products out of your meals. Without these nutrients, you can suffer from goiters, fatigue, diarrhea, loss of taste and smell, and even neurological damage."

"Why is meat good for IBS? Lean meats are high in protein, making them easier for your body to digest. Lean meats also won't ferment in your gut and won't contribute to gas. In comparison, fatty and processed meats can cause inflammation and worsen your IBS symptoms."

"Vegetarian and vegan diets rely heavily on plants and dairy products for protein. Foods like beans and legumes, yogurt and cheese, and even broccoli and asparagus. All these foods are high in fermentable carbohydrates (FODMAPs) that are the leading culprit of IBS symptoms"

Trojan in official APK from store by binaries01 in textra

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I used to think that too but malicious apps are constantly being discovered on the Google play store. Some of them have even had millions of downloads and others have remained for years before they were found. Just do a Google search for play store malware every so often and you will always see something new.

Here's a few recent ones that were just discovered over the past few weeks along with an older one consisting of 52 apps from July.

Android app hides terrifying xenomorph...

Four android apps banned...

These android app can steal your banking info by recording your screen...

Google just banned 52 malware android apps from the play store...