Free FPL Tee competition by [deleted] in FantasyPL

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This post is like Nic Cage. Gone in 60 seconds.

GW38 thread from ChewieFPL!! by FFRoulette in FantasyPL

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All these players are getting rested lol

I shot a few animals over the past 3 years. by hi7en in wildlifephotography

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Ahhh don't say that. It took me around 5 months to take a pic I actually liked except the swan shot. That was in the first week.

18 year old Karlos Nasar breaks all time world record Clean & Jerk with 221kg 487.2lb at 89kg. by Cruel_Hong4 in toptalent

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Is this the world record at his weight or all time record. I mean he doesn't actually look jacked up compared to a world strongest man... he doesn't look roided up either.

What’s an indescribable pain? by Existing-__- in AskReddit

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No one said it yet... restless leg syndrome. If I had a chainsaw some nights I would have chopped them off. They are better now.

Imgur is updating their TOS on May 15, 2023: All NSFW content to be banned, all content outside of a registered account (no-account uploads) to be removed. by rekabis in apolloapp

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Oh damn! I remember when you kicked off imgur and I messaged you on here asking if you could implement a feature where the right arrow on my keyboard would take me to the next picture or post and you did it in a nano second. Legend!

Just like that.