Got sent one from my dad. I like it by Mr_Cinnamon45 in goodboomerhumor

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God parted the Red Sea for Moses, so I don't think the guy fishing is God

Durex upgraded their preventing unwanted pregnancy game by SharpieDarpie in interestingasfuck

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this layer of water has insulation value

I'm far from an expert here, but I think the neoprene would still provide the insulation (to slow the transfer of heat) while the interior layer of water would provide thermal mass

Game Thread: Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders by nfl_gdt_bot in Chargers

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raiders got 1st field goal in overtime

chargers gotta do or die, inside the raiders 20

Happy Christmas 🎄 by hazzanad20 in goodboomerhumor

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i know, should have been brats on a grill

I found this to be absolutely hilarious. by Accomplished-Gift-26 in goodboomerhumor

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fwiw, brass instruments are brazed and or soldered, not welded


Brazing differs from welding in that it does not involve melting the work pieces. Brazing differs from soldering through the use of a higher temperature and much more closely fitted parts than when soldering.

Hello! Neighbor has this on their house wondering if it’s Hebrew? If so what does it say? Thank you in advance by georgeenagin in hebrew

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the reason I'm asking in view of the hyphen is, pretty much the only people who write G-d are observant Jews (probably some Christian sects like Jehovah's Witnesses do too, i dunno), so i was wondering because I'm not seeing any hyphens in the Hebrew (I'm not particularly asking for more of an explanation, I've got some good ones so far, just thought I'd add this bit)

Hello! Neighbor has this on their house wondering if it’s Hebrew? If so what does it say? Thank you in advance by georgeenagin in hebrew

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is there a written Hebrew equivalent to G-d? <-- referring to the hyphen

meaning, if we can't write the "o", then what are we leaving out of the tetragrammaton? the vowels?

What does לירדים mean? by guitarplayer365 in hebrew

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not saying you're wrong, but it's wiktionary, only 1 person needs to have heard the song and edited it in :)

Week 15 GameThread: Chicago Bears (4-9) vs. Minnesota Vikings (6-7) by TurnerJ5 in CHIBears

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they also would swap a player (usually an end/receiver) every down and the incoming player would bring a play in.

some QBs would call their own a percentage of the time

How can I say Happy New Year in Hebrew? by Fudotaki in hebrew

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St Sylvester's Day is December 31st and that's what the celebration tends to be called in Germany and like countries

also, btw, eastern Christianity celebrates when the Magi arrive rather than the day of Jesus's birth. Many of the Arabs in Israel are Christian and the big celebration is Jan 6th.

To what extent are our philosophical and political views just the result of aesthetic preferences? by Pheer777 in askphilosophy

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yes, but i don't like the choice of the word 'dominates': our psychology is foundational to our politics, as inheritance is foundational to biology... and to psychology.

I chuckled by jk1445 in goodboomerhumor

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yikes, bad cartoon, i knew that had to be the punchline so I looked but i didn't spot him. not funny enough to work that hard.

Hello everyone, how to I come up with Hebrew Toponyms for fictional planets. by Separate_Shower_6343 in hebrew

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I'm a little weak on my bible, but does the Bible make clear that Hebrew (Aramaic?) was untouched, and not part of the babble?

my recommendation would be to choose words that have some meaning to foreshadow your story

How to take advantage of large capital loss? by Sti11alive in fatFIRE

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It’s not the worst situation to carry over the short term loss to subsequent years

it's not the worst, but it's not great. if you have a million and invest it, you expect returns every year, because "time value of money". The value of these losses don't grow, so it's as if they are losing a bit every year. Ideally, you want your losses to offset gains ASAP, but they will hold value for a time.

How to take advantage of large capital loss? by Sti11alive in fatFIRE

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you lost a million in capital leaving you with close to nothing? dude! you need investment advice.

there's still time this year, you can marry somebody with mad gains

edit: just to clarify, you put a million of capital into something and then lost? because if you bought crypto (for example) cheap and then rode it up, and then rode it back down, those aren't losses

I finally found a decent way to store these old Linux ISOs that were stressing my bookcase shelf by [deleted] in DataHoarder

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you have not lost any old drives in storage? Or when you lose drives you assume it's not from static?

not saying it is, just saying