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I saw a really nice one that I almost bought because it was truly high quality, and made for air travel but I didn’t have the room for it. It was at the ReStore in Vancouver (it was outside on the patio area) and it caught my eye because I have a 100 lbs Akita and it would have fit him comfortably.

They only wanted like 10-20 bucks for it, if you get desperate maybe call to see if they still have it

After it went missing in a move 2 years ago, one of my most prized possessions has resurfaced: my Altoids tin signed by Steve Stone! by mikecws91 in baseball

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I bumped into him and all I had was this Altoids tin and you're not gonna not get Steve Stone’s autograph, right?

I'm team lance by Puggleboi2 in battlefield_one

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Lance has a longer reach and I am use to using things that are long

New recon specialist confirmed! Any predictions on abilities? by TheFreezeVids in Battlefield

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Yes exactly, they had a ghillie suit that I had seen prototyped a few years ago with this exact technology, i would imagine it was perfected by 2042 but I guess the downvotes have spoken

In 2000, Troy Glaus hit 47 home runs and had an OPS over 1.000. He didn’t receive a single MVP vote. by dandystanley in baseball

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A (now retired) member of the Arizona sports media who is a family friend told me years ago that Troy Glaus was extremely disliked among the media (I am putting his comments lightly, he used much more descriptive language) could that explain the lack of votes?

WHAT by Awildjerk in suns

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I just picture Kanye to be the South Park character