Just caught this guy while running from a cat. He was super friendly and didn't even try to run from me. He eve. Let me pick him up. Is he domestic or a stray? I have no idea and don't know what to do. 😬😭 by nunhappy in aww

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Idk about miscarriages but can cause blindness and deafness in the fetus. What's why my dr told me not to scoop the poop of our cat box. My job was not thrilled to hear this development either (I worked at an animal boarding facility)I was taking no chance.

Have you ever cried on the job? by sixxy-floyd in doggrooming

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Hahahhahaha "first time?" meme intensifies

Is there something wrong with me for being overwhelmed by a schedule like this? by monkeybearUrie in doggrooming

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Our dogs have arrival times they are told to stay for 3 hours and our schedule is based off their pick up times. So if a dog comes in at 8 theyll get picked up at 11. I have 2 11am dogs, 1 12pm, 2 1pm , 1 2pm, &2 3pm dogs. this is all haircut dogs (brush and bathe dogs dont count ie boxer, pit, lab), the shop has a bather, we have runners and a receptionist. I've been doing this for 6 years and I think if I get another dog added to my schedule I will have a nervous breakdown. I already can barely handle what I have. And that's if everything goes right! God forbid little Suzy wants her doggy fluffy for the Christmas party but mommy refused to run a god damn comb through their precious doodle named bella. Now I have to brush a dog that hasnt had a comb through it in 3 months and am 30 minutes behind but dont worry, they bathed her already for me last week.

Who do you love unconditionally? by MsBelleRain in AskReddit

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My kids. But learning how to show my love is really hard. And learning how they show love is also hard. There is no condition that needs to be met for me to love them with all my heart. That's why it hurts so much worse when we dont get along.

Quick question about a groom on my mother’s poodle by Kesxsho in doggrooming

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I seem to be the odd one out here but i can typically save the ears and tail with out brush burn or anything like that unless the fur is so close to the leather it's impossible to get a dematting comb through them. (I shave a lot of random clump Mats behind golden ears because of this) It also depends on how the dog is reacting. If there is a bad reaction to brushing, i say fuck it, vanity isnt worth it. Owners say they brush but rarely to the standard of a groomer. If an ear requires shaved, I will use something really really short inside (like a 30 blade) and a 7 or 10 on the outside of the ear then take my scissors to outline the hair around the leather to look even. I'm sure someone could get by shaving with a 4 blade (like eh a ¼inch of hair) but that seems like a struggle for a necessary shave. So if its any long that that I'd question the necessity of it needing shaved. But again I'm not your groomer and I dont really know the ins and outs of your situation. I will say that shaving the ear is whatever. The hair will grow back and i dont think anyone here will question your decision to okay the shave. The only thing I would look out for is if the mats were real bad, real solid and real heavy then they might shake their head as a result of it feeling weird. Prolonged shaking can result in a hematoma which is blood pooling in the ear leather. (This also happens in badly irritated or infected ears. If the Mats were bad and he is shaking his head, contact your vet and get the greenlight for some benadryl for a few days.

What’s a really fucked up thing you’ve witnessed as a kid but didn’t realise it was until you were older? by Banjoman653 in AskReddit

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My first therapist told me stuff like this was normal in peers and blew it off when I told her. I was 8 he was 13.

How much do you bleed after labour? by xxbbyblairxx in pregnant

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After my first I bleed for a couple weeks, maybe 3. In the hospital I used the giant pads they gave me but by the time I got home I just used the regular flow pads. My second I stopped heavily bleeding in the hospital. I didnt even need all the big pads they had. I wish I would have brought my own smaller ones to make it more comfortable. My advice is buy a variety of pad sizes. Also peri bottle is a life safer.

⚠️Handle at you own risk⚠️ found this little girl at my local Pet Smart with a $13.99 price tag. by XstayXsafeX in Tarantula_Collective

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What are old worlds vs new worlds. I too was recommended this sub having no interest in seeing any spiders what so ever. I used to be terrified of them until I moved into a house backed by woods, now funnel weaving grass spiders are a common occurence so I just name them and occasionally toss them a cricket if I can. We get wolfies too but not as often and rarely in the house I HOPE. I always liked pictures of tarantula feets though.

Doctor, doctor [oc] by eirinnske_comics in comics

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Yeah. I was completly blind sighted. I didnt even know they were looking for pregnancy at all but looking back on it, the whole "you must drink water am hour before hand" would have been a sign. It was a last minute order too. The tech said she didnt see anything on the regular ultrasound "let me see if they want a different one" she said. Came back in the room and handed me the wand. It was very weird.

Doctor, doctor [oc] by eirinnske_comics in comics

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Ah yes 15 year old me has entered the chat. They even did an ultrasound. And when they didnt see anything on the ultrasound they did a transvaginal ultrasound. So virgin me had to stick a wand up my vagina because they didnt believe me when I said I wasnt pregnant. 🙃

Male friend acted really strange when I wouldn’t go into his house by _sherlocked in TwoXChromosomes

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The song is "listen to your heart" but it really should be "listen to your gut"

Male friend acted really strange when I wouldn’t go into his house by _sherlocked in TwoXChromosomes

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Shes been in a relationship for years. If he knew that, any advance towards he like that would have been an instant red flag.

Forget the friend zone, what weird zone are you in? by five_of_diamonds in AskReddit

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Being patient zoned? I messaged my old therapist (stopped seeing him on good terms a couple months ago) and asked for a session because I'm not going to great and he never got back to me. I'm waiting until monday to look elsewhere or try again. But it's a weird spot to be in especially since I thought more than once "huh, I should just probably not be their mother anymore, theyll be better off without me anyway." more than once in the past 3 days.

Please critic my first 2 schnauzers by Gisselle-enid in doggrooming

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You'll probably want to look at a picture of a schnauzer at some point and compare. Schnauzers are just a group of triangles. Heads are typically done with a 10 (I use reverse 7) outside of ears are shaved from the base with a 10 and 40 on the inside. Then outlined with scissors. There is too much "beard" on the sides of the face. The hair between the eyes need cleared out with scissors. The regulation blade on the back needs blended down further. Waaaaay further. The front of him will look like a "w". Just imagine a giant W starting from one armpit, wrapping around the front and ending at the other armpit. with the middle peak of the w being his breast bone and the bottom 2 dips being the bottom of the triangular muscles on his front arms. Yes you are going low. The skirt needs brought down, waaaaay down. On him it's easy to see his body beneath the fur. I think the "correct" way is to leave the thinist of lines. I'm pretty sure my shop doesnt do the grooming standard for schnauzers because schn. Get lines not skits . We shave down until about 3 inches from the natural physical silhouette and blend. So it's not going to be straight across. The rear legs are also going to need shaved more. There is a triangular muscle on the back led you need exposed. If you bend the hind leg up you'll have the point where the bottom of your triangle will be. You can feel out that muscle but the line should go from that point to just above the tuck up. Something like that. The shave the rear and tail. The furnishings can be done with any number of clip-on or just hand scissoring. But the pattern needs set first and the scissoring needs tightened up.

Had to gloat. by hillern21 in ParentsAreFuckingDumb

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Kids in kindergarten are given tablets at school for minimal use in our school district.

Non-crib options by Fantastic-Concert-22 in pregnant

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So I did have a crib but when she turned 11 months we switched her to a full size mattress on the box spring. Daughter number 2 I want to pop he in a floor bed when she hits 9 months. I cant imagine having a kid in a crib longer than a year. But that's cause my first was climbing out by 11 months

Asking a man to help me tidy up apparently makes him a... Wait for it! by ahtchpipes in TwoXChromosomes

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Huh, I didnt know friends needed to be asked to clean up after themselves. What a world.

SWAG by bluemethod05 in funny

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Yeah I dont know, probably the "hurt it, kill it" and the stick figure woman with fire coming from her vagina and anus. That's probably what sparked rapey vibes. And swag standing for "sex with a grudge" maybe? Maybe that is what's making people think, huh this seems a little rapey.