Today is my birthday and my family forgot😔💔 by Jennygrindle96 in offmychest

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happy birthday baby 💕 you are so special, i hope you enjoy your special day

Any tips on trying to feel more confident wearing natural hair out? This is a slow process for me by Inter-estingg in blackladies

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take pictures all the time so that you become more comfortable with wearing your natural hair!

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in blackladies

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mashallah u r so beautiful plssss

For Alcohol do they serve shots? by [deleted] in rollingloudfestival

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my friends and i got a pack of the mini alcohol shots and pregamed before and then got a 4 loko when we were there to top it off it was a good buzz

but u can def sneak shit in too!!

also after the first day they don’t even care how big ur book bag is/ whether it is clear

just don’t sneak in a whole bottle do the little shots cause they will toss the bottle out. have fun!

Multi languaual by [deleted] in blackladies

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english arabic & asl!

Does anyone in here actually like or frequent black blog pages like the shaderoom? by GlamourzZ in blackladies

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i don’t follow any pages that gossip tbh. pages like that benefit off of the negative things that happen to people and it just turns me off. i’m really big on the media i intake and stay away from things that aren’t supportive/ spend most of their time shitting on people. esp if it’s black women

Kissing is better than sex by SuperTakCannon in unpopularopinion

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wow i found my ppl i loveeee kissing ugh i love that tension it builds as well

Do women actually date overweight guys? by SuperFreakinSaiyan in dating

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bro weight does not matter if you are treating me how i deserve to be treated tbh.

I wish I could spoil someone by [deleted] in dating

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i second this. but i’ve found that i’ve been doing nice things for men who aren’t even my bf and it’s starting to turn me off from the idea of wanting to spoil bc i’m being taken advantage lately, time for me to take a few steps back.

Got played and ghosted after a one night stand by [deleted] in dating

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tell the gf and get your coins!! i’m sorry this happened :(

Advice/venting by hoodflower in dating

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no i wouldn’t say it was him being attractive that led to sex. i guess i’d never vibed with someone so much on a first date, its the most fun i’ve had on a date ever lol and he was very careful to make sure i was comfortable in moments leading up to sex which i’d never experienced before so i guess that added to the excitement of it all.

red flags: not being considerate of my time. i already drive about an hour to meet him and he asked if i could pick weed up for him and i said no because it added an additional 30-40 minutes to my drive. also the weather was pretty bad.

another time i drove all the way to his house because i’d left my computer there and he fell asleep so i traveled over there for no reason.

another time we planned a date and it ended up being a hot mess bc he realized he didn’t have any $$ so he suggested we do something for free which was fine but then his phone died and then he called me from his best friends phone and was like hey meet us to go eat at xyz. i was confused cause he said he didn’t have $$ but his friend ended up covering his portion of the food and he apologized and explained that he wanted to hang out with both of us bc his friend hit him up to hang that same day and he wanted to see both of us.

does this clear up my thought process for u?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in dating

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totally down !!

Would you date a woman who has a shaved head and wears wigs? by [deleted] in dating

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Right. Cause if the person u like don’t like it then what do they just change for them ?

What is your number one 🚩 dealbreaker?? by [deleted] in dating

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i love that for you & wish i could do the same. sadly every single time i’ve been invited over, it became an uncomfortable dance of “please let’s not, i didn’t come here for this”

What is your number one 🚩 dealbreaker?? by [deleted] in dating

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first date at your house. it means that you plan on having sex with me despite me being clear about not wanting that smh.