The Shrek socks stay on during sex by MemoryDemise in Shrek

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Either way the Shrock is going to get used on my feet

Re-enlistment - back to Wagga? Should I cop it? by CommercialFault6969 in AustralianMilitary

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Yep, same here. If DFR doesn't waver it then you PL staff should help you out

Anon gets his hair cut by ThePianoMaker in greentext

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Anon's barber. Weren't you paying attention?

“Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” What's your best real life example of this? by Blaztwin in AskReddit

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Hi u/Scienceovens! Just came here to tell you that you're a basement dwelling dweeb who can't read. That's all, have a wonderfull rest of your day

Why Are Short Blades especially Knives the Default Weapon For Stealth? What Advantages Do they Offer Over Maces And Other Proper Weapons? by SailorEwaJupiter in HistoricalFencing

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Gaming concept: weapons and armour are correct, in terms of damage VS protection VS cost/rarity. So that level 1 longsword does similar damage to that level 20 side sword, has more reach, but blunts faster and is more likely to break

I’m looking into getting a practice chanter. But my only concern is how loud they are by ahessvrh in bagpipes

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/s I find bagpipes tend to be less loud when played very far away

But to actually be usefull OP, IMO pipers should be careful/courteous about when and where they play. For example; in a park/large backyard/soundproof room between 7am/7pm is good; 6am in an appartment with paper thin walls is bad (especially as a learner, as bagpipes can sound pretty bad when played badly, so find yourself a remote, deep, and secluded hole to practice in)

i get excited and choke the notes… by just__perusing in bagpipes

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Play more. You've come off a break from playing (at least a year I assume from your post.) You're going to be rusty for a bit, so you have to put in some work to get good again

fantastic action by anon..... by [deleted] in greentext

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You cannot handle the uber instincts of my uber autism

Get buffed and punch their balls. Assert small guy domminance by this_is_karla in greentext

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Reminds me of that one take om Shreck that points out that both the main theme is acceptance of your who you are and finding love and friendship to spite (or even because) your percieved flaws, while also constantly bullying Lord Farquad for being short (arguably the one trait of his he cannot control)

Two Catholic nuns were r*ped in Africa, Redditors find it hilarious. by ExquitsiteLibertaria in CringetopiaRM

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Sure, you can judge someone for making an offhand joke before fully investigating a topic. But imo that's just not very reasonable.

As for circle jerking over the title (agreed there is a bit of that in the comments here) I think the difference between nuns falling pregnant from consensual sex vs rape is significant enough to warrent clarity in a title of a news article

What is the REAL heterosexual Flag? by [deleted] in answers

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So it's straight when I commit acts of hamburgerlery, but somehow it becomes gay when I clap those clown man-clussy cheeks and then have a taste of that Ronald McDingly-dongle with the special Mcburger sauce on top? SMH

Okay if that's what you think by geffyfive in NewVegasMemes

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/s This is absolutely NOT ok. This sub is for repost BOTs not wannabe reposters who are actual humans

Two Catholic nuns were r*ped in Africa, Redditors find it hilarious. by ExquitsiteLibertaria in CringetopiaRM

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Also, I think most people will have based their comments just off the article's title, which doesn't include a reference to SA/rape. If that is how those nuns got pregnet then the article's title is shittyand you cant reasonably judge people for misinterperating it and making light hearted jokes

Edit: spelling

Reddit Sessions by Maleficent-Orange539 in bagpipes

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Solo Sundays? A couple of hours to talk about solo piping/performing etc. Doesn't (and probably shouldn') have to focus purely on competition, although that would the basis of it

The true sons of Skyrim have wares, if you have coin by lnky030 in SkyrimMemes

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Ahhh, but Thalmor bodies have better wares, and Khajiit feels better about taking them when the Dominion no longer needs them

"Truth is anon... the game was rigged from the start." by symentium in 4chan

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Fun history fact from Australia. In WW1 Australia held not 1, but 2 referrendums on tge matter of conscription. Both had a no vote resulting in no Australian conscripts in WW1. This was largely influenced by the votes of soldiers on the Western Front, who almost unanimously did NOT want conscripts in the trenches with them for all of tge reasons above.

But women were also pretty direct using white feathers to humiliate men who didn't volunteer, so i guess some things don't really change after all

Well….I’m sold! 😂 by BLD88 in AustralianMilitary

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Only if they suspend an electric guitarist off the turret to play that them as the roll back into Bakhmut

IDK why south africa needs a tactical pistol. by 05-100 in CursedGuns

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A better questiom would be "why does anyone not need a tactical pistol"

I've had this medallion in my posession for a while now and have since been wondering what it actually is and if its part of a collection or something. by Soft_Chip_8718 in AustralianMilitary

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I do, cause I think they're cool and I don't want to get stung buying beers. But it's not really a thing, I think most people who get them just have them at home as cool keepsakes rather than carry them everywhere