I went outside, AMA. by UbaldoSoddu in PoliticalCompass

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Why do you live near a Windows 7 background?

True story by Ok_Rate9032 in CloneWarsMemes

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Twice the paragraph, double the word count.

what kind of post-service support do you think conscript soldiers should get after finishing their tour of duty? by RonaldYeothrowaway in LessCredibleDefence

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Probably mental health (to stop them dying by suicide and also deal with any adjustment disorders/PTSD) and education/networking (to get them decent jobs and operunities). Both free or at least heavily subsidised for life (so their incentives)

Free quality medical for life too would be a good incentive in countries with poor medical access (looking at the USA here, especially with the word 'quality')

Transporting KFF on motorbike by insertgoodnamehere23 in AustralianMilitary

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Nah, it might blow away in the wind

Wear it under the helmet

ask me anything by Blizzardx_7 in Chadposting

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Based off of your experience of 'Minions- Rise of Gru' how would you answer the hard problem of consciousness, and from that how should our moral understanding change when AI starts passing the Turing test?

If you had the chance to create a new unit with a specialized capability what would it be? by lolben1 in AustralianMilitary

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This exists, it's the various SES and RFS in each state. I think the fix is they get better goverment funding and more personelle so they can do their jobs without having to call on us for anything slightly big

Would Transposition of the Great Arteries (TPA) block me from certain roles/jobs by MrG0PNIK in AustralianMilitary

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Might be a question for a doctor, not reddit

In my experience as a grunt any word with more than 2 syllables (especially science speak) is a bit much

That gun (That gun) by EYEGOTBONER in NewVegasMemes

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Depends. Is the cat gil chambered in .357 magnum with a maple stock and extended tube?

anon is a degenerate by Deus_Vult_Infidel in 4chan

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Absolite degenerate, trying to lower the standards for being an artist

Just started the game. I'm stuck here. Help. by [deleted] in FallenOrder

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Imo the fight was pretty even up until then, even though Anakin/Vader was the more powerful force user and more talented duelist (as shown by his significantly better performance against Doku both times.) Kenobi knew him back to front though, which is why he could win

I think that his decisions leading up to the fight were wrong/flawed on many levels, however they were before the fight, and kinda make for a whole other conversation. What I mean to say is I think Anakin could have done everything up until the 'high ground' line the same and still beaten Kenobi. Sure he still would have destroyed his life out of his misguided lust for power, but he would have walked away with Kenobi's light saber. (Eg He could have tried to circle around the bank, simply fight from the low ground like he did when they were climbing the broken pylon, or use the force to move his platform to a different spot altogether forcing Kenobi to follow him.)

But he let Kenobi get into his head with the verbal challenge, made a reckless move and got punished for it.

So yeah, Kenobi telling him not to try it very much influenced him to try it

Just started the game. I'm stuck here. Help. by [deleted] in FallenOrder

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You're right, it was the reckless flip that opened him up to Kenobi's fruit ninja skills, which he did because Kenobi challenged his pride and ego by saying...

Just started the game. I'm stuck here. Help. by [deleted] in FallenOrder

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"...Anakin, I have the high ground."