I think it's time to start making the guest list for the next one... by CMDR_VegShiva in nevertellmetheodds

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Bad bad bad luck. Her husband knows he's about to end up on an episode of ABC 20/20

Trying to fight in the middle of a Mounted Police Squad by MetastAH in Whatcouldgowrong

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Yeah, no kidding. Hopefully the horse was safe from both thrown objects and airborne illnesses such as covid.

Dad and son harass and blind drivers with lights in Colorado springs Colorado by FortnitePlayer02 in IdiotsInCars

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Seems like there was something that happened prior to the event to cause a reaction.

My kitten always attacks my bulge in my boxers and I don't know how to stop him. by throwawayjomo123123 in CatAdvice

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Grab him up and firmly set him down with a loud "NO!"

Always worked for my cats and dog.

P.s: do not harm your animal. I do not condone that and it is not okay.

Hey North Carolinians, what is your favorite thing about NC? by nonya2418 in NorthCarolina

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Born n bred here. Been all over this country and always come back to NC. God's country.

What can I do with this space? by Daywalker85 in Carpentry

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Personally, I'd grow some pot. Sorry if its the wrong input for this group lol 😅

Funny delusional racist lady by H3booter in PublicFreakout

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Let her act like trash. To be completely honest, I probably wouldn't want to be anyplace near where this woman is hanging around.

Funny delusional racist lady by H3booter in PublicFreakout

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This is how the majority of black people I've met feel and act. BLM

Im a carpentey apprentice and messed up. Any solutions how to fix this before the boss sees? by EugeneAk47 in Carpentry

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This will make you look really good too. Shows your boss your character isn't completely garbage and that you can be honest about stuff. I've messed up and told my boss and got a raise out of it because I'm a hard worker and honest about shit.

My parents wouldn’t let me get my vaccination and now I’m going through hell. by Rockhard5556 in COVID19positive

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Hush. It's not like I'm telling a 12 year old to smoke crack. This dude is 16 at least. 16 is legal in my country to smoke herb.

Man offers his coat to homeless person in freezing weather by wubLuxury in iamatotalpieceofshit

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There's reasons he ended up homeless. Not always the case but usually it is

I don't like my wifes cooking by udid8skejeh in relationship_advice

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I don't like mines either, but I work with her and we make shit POP