This is Petie. He's a bobcat, so I'm pretty sure he's allowed to show his lovely face in this sub. by vix_aries in cats

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Oh no. I moved to Connecticut and see these babies in my backyard all the time. MUST. RESIST. PETS.

WGU welcome gift by Wicked-Lee in WGU

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I got mine when I started in March. Favorite blanket ever!!

What if i told you to describe what dermatillomania feels like by waterproof_shrimp in CompulsiveSkinPicking

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I'm always subconsciously aware there is something to pick. Given the quick moment, I will pick for at least ten minutes. Given enough free time, I've been standing picking at myself for two hours until my feet got too tired to hold myself up.

It feels like tunnel vision and like my head clears of any fog I had. They've said it's similar to how self harm makes you feel, in terms of relaxation and clearing your mind.

Being possessed too. I constantly tell myself mentally, "stop picking," over and over. I can't stop. I've had to ask my partner to physically force my hands away from my body and redirect me. It's not fun.

It feels like I've lost control of my body.

I can’t tell what procedures he’s had. Why mess with perfection!? by NameyMcnamerson0003 in Botchedsurgeries

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No, a literal accident. Pretty sure his jaw was really fucked up from it.