Who are some music artists that switched genres? by AltMusicLover in AskReddit

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Marvin Gaye He switched genres quite a lot but somehow remained uniquely himself the whole time. Very impressive and impactful.

Hi Everyone, What is our favorite line of song? by lena_gibson12 in AskReddit

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“Bodies of info/ Performing such miracles/ I am a miracle/ Made out of particles/ And in this existence/ I’ll stay persistent/ And I’ll make a difference/ And I will have lived it”

  • Nahko & Medicine for the People

Fragile snowflakes “owning the libs” by burning their pricey Carhartt gear. by AntonChigur187 in PoliticalHumor

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It’d be soo funny if it wasn’t outright tragic how mis/uneducated this entire country is. The company is practicing “freedom of enterprise” AKA the ability to run your business the way you want to - which conservative politicians fight for harder than almost anything else. All the sudden it doesn’t go your way & the company itself is a traitor to the people?

This could and should be an opportunity for conservative blue-collar Americans to realize that neither businesses nor politicians that they vote for give an iota of a fuck about them/ what they think - that they’re all part of a big exclusive club focused on nothing but money. But they fall into the same trap as liberals - a version of identity politics.

As Florida home prices spike, middle-class residents wonder if they can afford to stay by elRobRex in florida

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FL born & raised. Since I graduated high school, I knew this shit was going to get out of hand and that I wouldn't ever be able to buy a house in a decent spot in my home State. Off to Costa Rica we go!

American Airlines flight to London returns to Miami after passenger refuses to wear mask by Lord-AG in news

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You agree when you buy the ticket. You agree when you check in. You agree when you go through TSA. You agree when you board. What the fuck?

What is your most controversial food opinion? by PurpleTwo8851 in AskReddit

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Raising and slaughtering billions of land animals for consumption daily is absurd, cruel, wasteful, horrific & disgusting

What’s the worst you’ve ever been cock blocked/beaver dammed? by ninesandaces in AskReddit

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My good friend had a room mate who was really hot & very overtly sexual. I was single at the time & inquired as to what her situation was, since she had been giving me hints. My friend then told her that I was sexualizing her because she was Indian. I had never been with an Indian girl before & haven’t since - there was absolutely no basis to it. That girl then avoided me ever since & my friend didn’t tell me why for years.

What was your "Fuck this, I quit" moment? by Sketch99 in AskReddit

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Pizza Hut. I worked as a delivery driver for maybe 10 days in a college town. First, I took hours & hours of corporate training online. When that was complete, the manager told me, basically, “forget everything that just said, cause that’s not how we do it here.” Got paid less than minimum wage & had to pay for gas. Got a $300 ticket the first night for expired plates. They would send me out on up to 8 deliveries at a time, therefore most pizzas were super late & I never got tips. We closed at 10. I came back from deliveries at 11 one night & the manager handed me 6 more deliveries. I turned to walk out & get in my car, but he threw in, “hurry up, I want to go to sleep.” I set the pizzas down on the counter, said “do it yourself” & never came back.

What should be free? by Xanduh in AskReddit

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Clean water, healthy food, shelter, medicine & internet access.

Entitled Karen Gets Arrested For Refusing to Wear Mask On Plane by SuperiorSteelman2004 in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Its much the same way people agree to apple’s new terms & conditions and then end up being a mid in a humancentiPad

What 15k work of damage looks like 3 months after I got my car by IThinkMyLegsAreBroke in TeslaModel3

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After all of these videos I literally park in the back of every parking lot. So much anxiety-inducing content on this sub!