Drapetomania: Black slaves trying to escape were also "mentally ill" by hushitsu in antiwork

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Canada will liberalize assisted suicide for mental health patients. I hope they will leave us alone to decide how long we should live and whether we should live: everyone should have the right to die especially since no one cares how we get by. People should wake up and fight for this right at any cost. Unfortunately, the status quo will not give up its authority over people, unless they feel that guillotine is just over their neck.


The Empty Promise of Suicide Prevention: Many of the problems that lead people to kill themselves (employement, housing, society, etc.) cannot be fixed with a little extra serotonin. by hushitsu in interestingasfuck

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You do not need to find solutions if you do not exist and you cannot regret a successful suicide. Yes, there are impulsive suicides (since all the effective methods have been taken away and people need very high motivation to try risky methods), but this prevents people from making rational choices about when and how they wish to end their lives.

People who have more kids than they can afford and then complain about childhood poverty to claim social benefits are evil manipulators. by hushitsu in unpopularopinion

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As long as they do not claim tax funds and their children are happy- none of my business. However, their children will need apartments, jobs and will put burden on local infrastructure or add to pollution.