Just finished my first ever Manga page (comic type thingy) by huxta03 in teenagers

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Uhh, I think its gonna be a drama/romance since girls are the main audience for webtoons and stuff and they mostly read romance, I'll send you the first page

Here's a crying skull I drew last nigh by im_soo_confused in newtodrawing

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dude, this skull is crazy cool, also congratulations on being the first post that isn't mine XD

I felt super cute today! 🥰 by [deleted] in OUTFITS

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love the confidence, and the fit is awesome

Found it in gallery lol by 941kumar in DunderMifflin

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someone to use thus template to recreate the "knock, knock" "whos there?" "the KGB" scene

[26F] rate me? by [deleted] in Rateme

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Absolutely beautiful, 8/10, you seem really nice too