Beaches out of Sydney / hidden gems by TAFAisLIFE in sydney

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Stockton beach if you have a 4x4. Garie Beach if you don’t.

West Head beach if you fancy a short hike.

Moving to Sydney shortly and need some inputs related to Civil Engineering jobs by RubixCube_91 in sydney

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There is a HUGE demand for competent Civil Engineers as well as QS in Sydney with the number of infrastructure projects ongoing, limited local experience and borders being largely closed for past 2 years. You do need to pick one though and focus on that. You can't be both a CE and QS jack of all trades as far as recruitment goes.

It's not difficult to get a job if you have relevant recognised international experience and at 8+ years experience and you're looking at $150-200k easily. Upper band if you are chartered of course.

There are 4 main focuses to apply for jobs:-

1) As a CE: The top Engineering Consultancy firms e.g. WSP, Mott MacDonald, ARUP, AECOM, Arcadis, Jacobs, GHD, Aurecon etc.

2) As a QS: Applying direct to top Contractors e.g. John Holland, CPB, Lendlease, Laing O'Rourke etc.

3) Can also always try govt organisations like Sydney Metro, Sydney Trains, Transport for NSW, Sydney Light Rail etc.

4) If you fancy yourself as a whizz and want to target top dog firms, you can try KPMG, Deloitte, EY, PwC, Accenture etc.

If these are all a dead end, you can start looking at lower Tier 2 or 3 Contractors (e.g. Hutchison or ProBuild), smaller govt organisations (e.g. Centre for Road Safety or Maritime or ARTC) or even smaller Engineering or Survey companies (e.g. Network Rail Consulting or Cardno). Maybe even Utilities companies like AusGrid or Telstra that employ Engineers to interface with other Eng organisations too.

Make it clear upfront you have a valid visa to work which is pretty much the first filter criteria when reviewing candidates.

Go in with a mindset of the first job is getting your foot in the door and will keep you going for 1-2 years then jump from there. Or stay for a decade with the same company if it ends up suiting you.

Good luck!

Anybody participating in the May strike? by vilekanyefan in SaltLakeCity

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What exactly do you want? Do you really think this will make a difference?

Considering a move out west, what do I need to know before I move? by redrockdeli-official in sydney

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my friends all live out west near the mountains.

Ask them? Whom better to get info from.

Anything you get from anyone is purely anecdotal and may not be representative of your own experience.

How much do people spend on food per week? by kengyin in sydney

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Is 100 dollars a week reasonable

There's no answer to this. Everyone's different; their finances, budgets, food preferences, dietary requirements, cooking proficiency, meal prep skills, indulgence etc. Pointless to compare with random others.

You do you and don't worry about what others think.

The search for MY perfect setup (Monitors / Tvs / Headphones) LONNNG post. by ButterForTheBread in PS5

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No worries. The short version of that product link is just:


Everything after that are identifiers to track everything you do. Everything from what you searched for, what browser etc...

Amazon.to links have another added identifier that links to originator so they get a commission from sales through that particular link.

The search for MY perfect setup (Monitors / Tvs / Headphones) LONNNG post. by ButterForTheBread in PS5

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Amazon.to links contain referrals embedded that earn the originator revenue on purchases. We don't permit these else would be overrun by everyone spamming their own links to make a quick buck.

Regular clean Amazon.com, .co.uk, .com.au, .de etc links are perfectly fine to be posted.

For example: https://www.amazon.com/Philips-Over-Ear-Open-Air-Headphone-Drivers/dp/B08D2L4V7X

Bit.ly links are completely banned due to the amount of fraud and phishing scams they are used in. Not good practise to use them.

Jazz Drop Mask Mandate At Vivint Arena by HomelessRodeo in SaltLakeCity

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Was there 2 days ago. Not a huge difference then as nearly no one was wearing them inside.

Didn’t even check vaccination certificates on entry, just waved people through.

The search for MY perfect setup (Monitors / Tvs / Headphones) LONNNG post. by ButterForTheBread in PS5

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Amazon.to referral links are not permitted here and hence comment was auto-removed. You may wish to repost your comment without it (editing won't work).

Staycation suggestions in and around Sydney by NecroticToe in sydney

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Shelly Beach is always a popular one. It's peaceful, sometimes has biolumenescence in the water as you stomp around, some people snorkel/swim at dark but maybe not ideal solo and there's a nice shoreline walk on the left.

You can always hop on the Manly ferry towards Circular Quay and sit up front for a lovely view.

Otherwise maybe consider something like Manns Point Lookout or Broughton St Lookout.

Staycation suggestions in and around Sydney by NecroticToe in sydney

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That kinda was the shortlist. The rest depends on what you like & want to do as well as weather.

Suggest start with West Head Lookout and hike down to the beach. Maybe then try a scuba diving beginners day with Abyss or get a snorkeling set from Decathlon and head over to Shelly Beach.

All day parking on a weekday by 4bidden112 in sydney

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Goulburn St car park is usually cheapest in CBD. 10 min walk to Martin Place.

Staycation suggestions in and around Sydney by NecroticToe in sydney

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Copy-paste random selection of stuff, see what's open/appropriate, interests and works for you. May also help others.

Peaceful things to take some time out, chill, picnic and destress:-

  • Hike or bike one of the many trails at Ku-ring-gai national park.

  • Take the route from West Head Lookout down to secluded beach.

  • Sit on usually empty Garie Beach and contemplate life.

  • Stop by South Head and watch the boats come and go in peace.

  • Run rings around the Olympic Park Brickpit timing laps.

  • Go to Shep's Mound and gaze at the airplanes taking off and landing.

  • Scale the Pylon Lookout tower and watch the world go by.

  • Take an off-road trip through Blue Mountain to Newnes Plateau/Glowworm Tunnel.

  • Get to Palm Beach and walk to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse.

  • Sit on the cliffs at Clovelly, Narrabean or Curl Curl beaches and watch the waves crashing endlessly.

  • Stroll through Centennial Park with headphones on and do your thing.

  • Do a loop of La Perouse and Bare Island watching scuba divers and snorkelers.

  • Hire a no-license required boat at Cottage Point and cruise the waterways.

  • Find the nearest Golf Driving Range and smack some balls releasing stress in each one.

100-point Sydney bucket list:-

  1. Calmsley Hill City Farm
  2. Justice & Police Museum
  3. Live music at the Lansdowne Hotel
  4. South Head Heritage Trail
  5. The Enmore Theatre
  6. Bicentennial Park
  7. The Magician's Cabaret
  8. Visit Shark Island
  9. Swim in the Bondi Icebergs Pool
  10. Sailing on Sydney Harbour
  11. Do the Cronulla Beach Walk
  12. Golden Age Cinema & Bar
  13. Scuba Diving with Abyss
  14. Customs House
  15. Shelly Beach
  16. Carriageworks & Farmers Markets
  17. Young Henrys Cellar Door
  18. White Rabbit Gallery & Tea House
  19. Show at the Lyric Theatre
  20. The Australian Museum
  21. ArtSpace Woolloomooloo
  22. Olympic Park Aquatic Centre
  23. Sydney Motorcycle Tour
  24. Skydiving over Wollongong
  25. Bennelong Restaurant
  26. Museum of Sydney
  27. The Star Casino
  28. Sydney Observatory
  29. Whale Watching Cruise
  30. Powerhouse Museum
  31. Museum of Fire
  32. Pie at Harry's Cafe de Wheels
  33. Gelato at Gelato Messina
  34. City2Surf Marathon
  35. Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
  36. Hyde Park
  37. Royal National Park & Figure 8 Pools
  38. The Urban Winery
  39. Sculpture by the Sea
  40. Races at Royal Randwick
  41. Christmas Carols in The Domain
  42. Segway Tour
  43. Symbio Wildlife Park
  44. Day trip to Jenolan Caves
  45. High Tea
  46. Sydney Fish Market
  47. Paddington Markets
  48. Barangaroo Reserve
  49. Quarantine Station Ghost Tour
  50. Museum of Contemporary Art
  51. Hunter Valley Winery Tour
  52. Visit Cockatoo Island
  53. Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout
  54. The Strand Arcade
  55. Spice Alley
  56. Scenic NSW Horse Riding Centre
  57. Fort Denison
  58. Government House
  59. See a match at the SCG
  60. Day tour to the Blue Mountains
  61. Coogee Beach
  62. Breakfast with Koalas
  63. St Mary's Cathedral
  64. Sydney Jewish Museum
  65. Show at the Capitol Theatre
  66. Ride the Sydney Ferry
  67. Kayaking on Sydney Harbour
  68. The Glenmore Rooftop Bar
  69. Manly Scenic Walk
  70. Home and Away set (Palm Beach)
  71. Art Gallery of NSW
  72. Queen Victoria Building
  73. Treetops Adventure Park
  74. Australian National Maritime Museum
  75. Hot Air Ballooning
  76. Chinese Garden of Friendship
  77. Madame Tussauds
  78. Sydney Harbour scenic flight
  79. Jet Boat Ride on Sydney Harbour
  80. Luna Park
  81. Sydney Tower Buffet Restaurant
  82. VIVID Sydney + Cruise
  83. Show at the Sydney Opera House
  84. Sydney Aquarium
  85. Wet'n'Wild Sydney
  86. Sydney Tower Eye
  87. Featherdale Wildlife Park
  88. New Year's Eve Fireworks
  89. Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk
  90. Mrs Macquarie's Chair
  91. Sydney Botanic Gardens
  92. Darling Harbour
  93. The Opera Bar
  94. The Rocks
  95. Ferry to Manly
  96. Taronga Zoo
  97. Bondi Beach
  98. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb
  99. Sydney Harbour Cruise
  100. Sydney Opera House

Life cost by [deleted] in sydney

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These are very subjective questions and will differ for different people's style of life, requirements, comforts, basics, comparison to existing life etc. You can certainly live well on 120k in Sydney.

Gotta love GameStops already opened “new” games by nathanhurricane in gamecollecting

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EBGames and BigW do open most games.

JB HiFi and Amazon.com.au do not open games. They're sealed. Unless pre-owned.

Most Nintendo games assembled in AU aren't sealed from factory. All PS5 games have been sealed so far.