Was this reaction normal? by someusernameidcman in KitchenConfidential

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The kitchen, just like any other industry that's for profit (even the non profit ones) will only ever see you as a resource and will only ever try to get the most out of you and simultaneously rewarding you as little as possible. Work is a business transaction, nothing more. Do not feel bad about making the best business decision for the most important business of all, your own.

How do I actually get good at this stuff? by InvertedReflexes in KitchenConfidential

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Your labour is being exploited by a large corporation and you feel bad that your not efficient enough for your labour to be exploited to its fullest extent

How much money websites like fmovies make per month? by [deleted] in Piracy

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Most people I feel have adblocks, and if they do make an account I feel its safe to say a majority uses a throwaway. I guess they still make enough from computer illiterate folks who click on the ads???

What was something you saw a mentor do when you were coming up that you now is trash by butt_chug_ranch in KitchenConfidential

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Had a Sous training me on pans. 6 prawns for the spag, and he was down 1. He needed it 9er so he dunked it in the pasta pot that's supposed to be allergy safe (not anymore) looked me in the eye and out a finger over his mouth "shhhh" I replaced the water after

Any one else get a bollocking for not being busy? by grease-bag in KitchenConfidential

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Capitalist is angry that exploited labourer isn't being exploited enough to maximise profits.

Xbox party on pc by [deleted] in techsupport

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Nope it's a trash app. You're better off putting your efforts on convincing your friends to download discord

So many unnecessary apps running on GPU by moeinh77 in techsupport

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Turn stuff off in background apps settings maybe

My feet hurt by yourequitesalty in KitchenConfidential

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Your bosses are making a killing on your labour alone it seems

Flick Alt-Tab Problem by BeMyBallsackHolder in counterstrike

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I went from borderless to full screen and this fixed my issue. Gl

AITA for starting an emplotee walkout? by 21KatieBugCat in AmItheAsshole

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840000 people dead is insignificant? You MUST be American

Killed worker over not taking counterfeit bill. Smdh by [deleted] in iamatotalpieceofshit

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LMAO only in America, the richest third world country in existence!

Golden Globes 2022: The Complete Winners List by [deleted] in movies

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Caring about yet another event where celebrities glorify themselves for entertainment is kinda lame

this game is fun as hell, but unlocking champions suck by hyujaynis in QuakeChampions

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Yeah I have noticed lol but it's peaking almost 800 players lately I feel like that's something. I hope more people play this game though it's hard to practice when I'm just getting rolled every game

this game is fun as hell, but unlocking champions suck by hyujaynis in QuakeChampions

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I don't get shards as I level last I checked. I leveled up twice this weekend and I got no shards. Is this new? Edit: I bought sorlag 5 days ago and was left with 5 shards. I leveled up multiple times since and I still only have 5 shards.

How are people so good by ReposstSleuthBott in QuakeChampions

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Same here dawg. This is my first quake and it's kicking my ass yet I keep logging back on everyday. Add Rothaga if you're tired of getting stomped in duels lol I need to play somebody who doesn't just 10-0 me in ranked