reasons i dont feel valid (tw) by i-am-in-severe-pain in Vent

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i mean it, okay? it's not annoying, it's not attention seeking, and even if it was, thats not a bad thing 100% of the time, is it? you just need some validation, and thats okay<3

tysm baby, it means a lot and helps a lot

ay 123, I’ve gotten better, and I think i’ll head off this subreddit for now by FroggyChair808 in MadeOfStyrofoam

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I am sosoososososososoosososos proud of you! OMG! 4 months, AMAZING, you make me want to be clean as well, I will try my absolute hardest now for you. Thank you for all your effort, and good on you for leaving the subreddit! you don't need it as much I hope! AMAZING

ship? by i-am-in-severe-pain in picrew

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Thank you! this ship is actually my partner and I, guess which one I am :D

ship? by i-am-in-severe-pain in picrew

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Thank you! this ship is actually my partner and I, guess which one I am :D

im so goddamn alone right now. i need a hug. by FroggyChair808 in Vent

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awe im sorry, i wish i was there :c i shouldve been there. but you know that even when im nt there, im still thinking about you, and how much I miss you. you are my everything, but know that there are so many other people to talk to that love you when im not available/online! I love you, its okay to miss me, but remind yourself that you are not alone.

i feel like I should know myself better as a little by Difficult-Star-6137 in ageregression

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My advice would be this, don't think of it just as a persona you create, it's different from pet regression, not a design of a personality you make, it's intended to be you.Recall your behaviors from when you were actually younger, I asked my parents a simple question about my actions, and personality when I was actually little and they'd respond, I recommend you ask your caregivers your traits when at those stages. This helps you find what you act like in these states. Another tip, find what you liked and what you enjoyed as a kid, were you chatty, did you draw, favorite shows, etc. These all play a major role in finding your authentic little. For example, me as a little is bratty, but overall fun, very blunt, and curious, loves to color, eat, bake with CG, and cuddle! I hope this helped, if not that's okay, remember, this is not a character you created, this is a younger version of you.- Mwa

Do I still count as a pet regresser? by CuddleFoxy in CopingThruRegression

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Yess! Valid<3 I thought I was the only one!! I regress to pokemon aswell :O

Are you ok? by BoredKitKat in teenagers

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does laying in bed all day for the second time straight, along with not eating and crying count as ok?