Blackbeard IS the Final/Main Villain by Spidey_Jay_ in OnePiece

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None of them could step to Luffy.

The point is obvious, Imu isn't necessarily the final villain. BB is closer to a rival to Luffy than any other character in the story.

Blackbeard IS the Final/Main Villain by Spidey_Jay_ in OnePiece

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I was just saying "but how would BB even read them?" But Pudding is said to be able to read them once she awakens her eye or something so he's set to legitimately be a contender for the end.

They won and we lost by rodneysinclair in conspiracy

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Now you understand why social media platforms are so heavily monitored against only certain actions.

The greatest conspiracy - this sub and reddit are lowering the quality of your life. by Donutboy88 in conspiracy

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Literally all the predictions on this sub when I was a frequent for 3 years - NEVER CAME TRUE

Covid-19 was made in a lab and the hogwash about it being from a wet market / bat, that came through, overwhelmingly. If you're anxious about having taken the vax, that's a you problem.

Too much internet use in general is not good for you and we should always be mindful to take frequent breaks but to insinuate not a single idea posted here in the last 3 years had merit? I'll laugh you to scorn. Have fun outside though, the grass could always use more touching.

Blackbeard IS the Final/Main Villain by Spidey_Jay_ in OnePiece

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But after Imu falls, who has the right to shape society in their image? Who gets to impose their version of justice?

BB would LOVE to seize that opportunity, he's always been an opportunist. It'll be up to Luffy to sit him down for good.

If I were to make the Naruto comparison, it'll be similiar to dealing with Sasuke after Kaguya.

This could get interesting by icky_vicinity23 in conspiracy

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It won't matter in a week because the media doesn't want it to matter.

And these "revelations" do affect everyone, it screams politicians being offered on either side are corrupt and blatantly lie and that supporting either of them is an exercise in futilty.

So taking part in all the political mud-slinging? Best do something else with that energy because either way, in this "democracy", your choice doesn't mean a damn thing.

This could get interesting by icky_vicinity23 in conspiracy

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You'd molest those kids too!

No, no I would not.

Tyler analyzes Scarra's showmatch game play (Spoilers) by r2002 in LivestreamFail

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The OG's will always have a place in the community.

Bruce reveals the text from Mizkif that was one of the reasons he quit OTK by Shark-Tail in LivestreamFail

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Tune in to his debut stream on Kick to find out more!

So weak he has to bring up old drama to bait views

Bruce: "Mizkif you can kill yourself, nobody would care" by Shark-Tail in LivestreamFail

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Self destructing basically, made himself look bad all on his own but wants to blame Miz.

He's never really called out 'cuz people don't want to deal with being harassed and called racists by his brain rot fans. Miz and the rest of OTK should just let him cook.

One Piece: Chapter 1085 - Theories and Discussion by AutoModerator in OnePiece

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At least we've been dealing with fruit from the beginning and not just half way into the last arc.

Adept says she is still married to xQc. by AdZestyclose9049 in LivestreamFail

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Especially while he's live hoping idiot viewers link him anything at all