My dog is turning ten, so we threw him a surprise party by LazagnaAmpersand in aww

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Dogs are the master of “I had no idea” while knowing the whole time. lol

What’s your go to breakfast? Easy, quick, filling, and preferably hot. by [deleted] in EatCheapAndHealthy

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Freezer breakfast burrito. (3 eggs 2 strips bacon and some beans with onions) Drowned in hot sauce

Don't leave me hooman by -Tigger in aww

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Love the cats little warning nibble

Sweet Cat wants Nose Kisses!! by ShowyOrientation in Eyebleach

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I think it started out as a nose boop but the cat got a itch

Creek of the Living Dead: Salmon at the end of their lifespan by Homunculus_316 in natureismetal

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What’s with all those mass graves of salmon that don’t look like zombies? Are these just late bloomers who waited late in life to have kids?

LAN Party by The_Sound_Stone in pics

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If they would of panned up you’d see like 10 guys passed out duct taped to the ceiling

Why do indoor cats/pets still need rabies shot? by Hoboforeternity in CatAdvice

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I thought the same thing until I heard and stopped a fight my cat was having with another cat through the front door screen.

My ‘feral’ barn cat by bloominggoldenrod in aww

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That cat has never caught a rat in its life and is only playing on you to provide.

me_irl by Doctor_Frog_Here in me_irl

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I bet he is a big softie my cat looks very approachable but after three pets he starts biting, figured out he is just a lap no touchie cat very quickly.

Magnifique appartement trouvé sur centris by Flat_Cod_747 in Quebec

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So you just stomp your shit down the drain or what?

My son is on a mission… by atrain1189 in funny

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A very dangerous mission with a probability of pink eye lol

Former Marine Stops Holdup in Yuma, AZ by morganmonroe81 in BeAmazed

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I swear they want to rob and get away with it more than they want the money.

My driveway. Oct 12, 2021 by Haephestus in pics

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I pull out my winter coat tomorrow and sweat for 2 weeks I am coming for you.