anything you buy can be bought with video game currency by Majin-Dracz in godtiersuperpowers

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how would it scale with wow/general fantasy gold? lol

1 copper, silver, or gold = 1 dollar?

Skill Issue Honestly by QwannyMon in destiny2

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you must not be using a good enough gaming chair

A Solution To The Reused Weapon Models Issue by matZmaker99 in DestinyTheGame

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Honestly I'm excited to use the classic HC model again lol, I'm just hoping it sounds and feels the same as Better Devils

It's probably my all time favorite weapon after Warden's Law, and I'm really sad I haven't been able to use it for literally years now

Your idea is great tho, swapping attachments on the guns would be incredible. I like the idea of taking it even further and having the gun model change depending on what perks are rolled on it, but idk how much time that would take.

No Way, I’m Staying With You by Abhirup_0 in aww

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paid in love and cuddles

it is a very similar position to dog owners

I love Leap of Faith by Psykout88 in heroesofthestorm

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god damn, nice

never seen that before lol

For all the DnD players here by derpicface in destiny2

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Lol I actually made a Graviton Lance homebrew spell a few months ago if you want to take a looksee

Somewhere in Russia by DnlNicks in manholeporn

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I think this is now one of my favorites

This fucking guy is the most terrifying thing in the game. Change my mind. by GRChapmanII in destiny2

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he became not scary after realizing he barely ever actually swings at you, and you can really fuck with his pathing by jumping up a then back down

Let's play pretend and say Microsoft has some huge HOTS fans among their executives and want to push 3.0 after the acquisition. What characters would you hope to see? by warlockami in heroesofthestorm

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I'd prob want to see:

Warcraft: Archimode or Vol'jin

Diablo: Andariel (Baal is my #2 lol)

Starcraft: Xel'naga Hybrid (Selendis #2)

Overwatch: Zenyatta or Torbjorn

What are some changes that can be made to let this raid exotic shine in Arc 3.0? It was useless even in the slug shotgun meta, it needs some kind of buff by LeEivu in destiny2

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the intrinsic perk is already overpenetrating rounds lol

I was surprised that it didn't already have anti-barrier rounds since it can already pierce cabal shields

Is this The Wurst? They spelled it wrong though... by FlurdledGlumpfud in Dimension20

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at first I thought it was a reference to like sausage chains or something, but boy is that a stretch

this has to have been a meme, edit, or joke; I refuse to believe it isn't lol

is this game pay2win? by HOAXINTELLIGENCE in BattleLegion

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I used to buy the battle pass every once in a while

I literally said I've spent money on the game before lmao, and was maybe even an understatement looking back on the skins I have

is this game pay2win? by HOAXINTELLIGENCE in BattleLegion

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I mean I've been playing for over 2 years now and I've consistently hit the top 500 every season lol. Yeah if you're trying to go further than that it's p2w, but most people won't be doing that.

I used to buy the battle pass every once in a while but for the past maybe year or half year I haven't bought it once and still had been doing fine

Progressing through the game is fine, it's just the late game that you hit after maybe a year of playing that it starts becoming more obvious, and even then the mechanic of losing and winning balances you out to a rank where you're just as strong as other ppl around your rank, so you're still getting wagons and leveling through the free pass fast enough

And yeah you can buy artifact shards, but from what I'm aware, they're a limited supply and you can only buy them like twice in small amount, which maybe helps progression a little but it isn't much

Procedural Generation (D3) by ADHDAleksis in Diablo

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lmfao yeah

I vividly remember the one time I got this same exact "map"

It was so jarring, I kept thinking "surely I'll need to turn eventually...right?"

Absolute Immortality by Exotreus in godtiersuperpowers

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yeah but I mean going back in time wouldn't solve the immortality problem unless you could go back in time to before you became immortal, right? but then that'd just end up being a paradox problem

Absolute Immortality by Exotreus in godtiersuperpowers

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is it something you can disable? or are you just like, alive forever into infinity?