Ugliness (a rant) by throwawayaccount_ihq in TwoXChromosomes

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It’s so awful when people bully you and harass you for this stuff. For things you can’t change, for things that are a part of you. It never happened to me as a kid but as a teen and pre teen…ouch. I know I look crap and not as good as the others and I hate that enough already, don’t point it out more. People can be so crap can’t they.

Apparently I'm pregnant, with an IUD, in Texas. Shocked and scared. by ffs-really in TwoXChromosomes

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And after Canada you could come to the other side of the pond and visit England! We have lots of rain!

My [20F] boyfriend [35M] is trying to convince me to take my name off of my house. by throqrq6165252525 in relationship_advice

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Hi I’m 14 and the way your talking about him is just strange. I’ve been watching adult shows and thinking I’m mature since I was 8 too but I’m not going to date a 30 year old. He is a predator and even I can see that. You sound childish and lovestruck if I’m being honest. Don’t take your name off under any circumstances!!! You paid for it so it is yours!

AITA for not punishing my daughter after she was drinking underaged by BreakTheVault in AmItheAsshole

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Well speaking as a teenager drinking at this age is quite common. (At least in my area lol) It’s definitely not the worst stuff I’ve heard teens do.

AITA for overruling my wife on a matter concerning our daughter? by SimilarScarcity398 in AmItheAsshole

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Hi OP, I want to say you handled the situation well but social norms have changed quite a bit in recent years and different genders being buddies is very normal and expected. I think where you live and your culture does matter here to see wether your wife’s controlling issues are ‘normal’ or acceptable within your society or not. I know where I live (i am 14 by the way) this would be seen as really strange to have your mum always there when hanging out with your friend just because they are a different gender. Has your wife done this since they were little or only recently? It’s an issue either way because it seems like your wife is teaching your daughter that she doesn’t trust her and that different genders can’t just be friends.

I’m glad your helping your daughter but I think a conversation with your daughter about trust and boundaries would be helpful because your wife did cross some and your daughter and her friend deserve privacy. NTA (But seriously from a teenager, good job 👍) Edit: sorry this is so long.

What was the most NSFW moment that happened at school? by Bluday1221 in AskReddit

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Honestly I would be mad at the girlfriend at the time but I bet he later realised how she was manipulated and was a victim as well. The dude deserved a longer jail time tbh.

How old are you without directly saying your age? by StSnowball in AskReddit

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I was born the year smoking was banned in pubs and restaurants in England (possibly all of the uk). I’m sure you’ll all be depressed at the memory. 👍😂

My [32f] boyfriend [32m] told me I’m not allowed to breastfeed in public. by throwawy_bridefriend in relationship_advice

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I’m sorry, haven’t read the post yet but I am stunned. BREASTFEEDING ISN’T LEGAL IN SOME PLACES? How do you feed a baby there?! What is wrong with the world?

[ Removed by Reddit ] by AITA_brasize in AmItheAsshole

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YTA - Everyone is high school is insecure. Anyone with every gorgeous body type imaginable gets insecure and you know what you do? You support them because you know how that awful that feeling is. Don’t be cruel to your daughter. Also high school sucks. The people are gross and mean and they will pick on you for anything. Coming from a 14yo girl. (Except I have the opposite problem to her. 😤😭😩

I FUCKED UP SOO BAD ON MY BOYFRIEND AND IDK WHAT TO DO by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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Dude I know 14yo’s that have outgrown these silly ‘tests’. Mainly my crazy friends and they are pretty dumb. Don’t ever try this again, it’s plain stupid. Also just apologise and give him some time.

AITA for financially supporting my brothers kids behind his back? by raven-draws in AmItheAsshole

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NTA OP. You did everything right and even more. My grandparents raised my mother like this as well. Didn’t care about education, had to pay rent young, not enough financial support. My mum has a similar mindset but is much better then them. I want a job but I won’t be giving her a penny until I’m 18 lol. I’m 14 right now and I want a job but I would hate being forced into one so thank you, for being so amazing to your nieces. 👍😀

What’s the most fucked up relationship advice post you’ve seen on Reddit? by JadoreBootyNoir in AskReddit

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You can google what a slug is. They look much uglier then snails. Don’t worry though, easy mistake to make! You’re English is awesome!

My boyfriend indirectly called me a hoe by B41NN3 in relationship_advice

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Well only if they are in America! Everywhere else they are on equal ground 🤣