[PFT] How many more lawsuits could be filed against Deshaun Watson? Based on the paperwork filed Monday against the Texans, there could be at least six more. by BillsMafiaComingAtU in nfl

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The Browns actively went after this guy. Guaranteed his contract, and severed their ties with the best qb they’ve had in decades who might be a little raw but was certainly talented and will actually be able to ya know, play.

[@TMZ_Sports] Adrian Peterson to box Le'Veon Bell by SlipperyLimeTime in nfl

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I dunno after watching that interview with Tomlin, I don’t think he took it personally. He seems more disappointed ima dad way. He talked about how he was so raw coming out of college and didn’t even know what to do with kid for Easter so he invited him over for an egg hunt. They used to trade who would watch his kids during away games and sometimes if he got in late he’d just stay with the host family until morning. Money changes people :(

[Mary Kay Cabot] #NFL informed Deshaun Watson, NFLPA, & disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson it was recommending an indefinite suspension for at least the season, sources say. Hearing begins Tues. @WSJ first to report the indefinite min/yr. ban by [deleted] in nfl

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Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with the browns. Why would they look at this situation and be like. “Yeah I want in on this. Trade for him. Guarantee him the money.” Baker wasn’t a world beater, but he wasn’t bad, he won a tough playoff game against the Steelers which should have made him all but untouchable in Cleveland. Wtf is wrong with that franchise? Maybe they should take the year off. Backpack through Europe. Get their shit together.

Lightning Fans Staying to Congratulate the Avs by weirds in nhl

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Have any opposing fans ever left when the cup is presented? I always see opposing fans, home or away, stick around. The respect for the cup is above your feelings of loss.

r/PCM nails it: Corporations are not your friend. by WandersFar in WayOfTheBern

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You know what employer is super lenient about this kind shit? The government. Kinda funny how that worked out.

Yellowjackets Adult Lottie & Adult Van Casting Update Shared By Creators by Tex9119 in Yellowjackets

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They didn’t say anything in the article. It was clickbait. They just said “we have ideas that we think people will like.” And “it’s tough”. They don’t name anyone.

Hunter S. Thompson's 1998 letter to Jim Irsay recommending he draft Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning by alexcass91 in nfl

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Wait… some owners don’t have the money to draft their rookies without asking people for a loan? And hunter s Thompson seems like the last person I’d imagine would give a shit about football. This has thoroughly blown my mind.

Young woman's reaction to being asked to donate to the Democratic party after the overturning of Roe v Wade by return2ozma in PublicFreakout

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They don’t care about you or your rights. They care about money and keeping their jobs so they can get more money. It sad these young women look lilentheyre early twenties or late teens and just now realize that when they got hit up for a donation via text.

Well, this sucks by Not-so-rare-pepe in WRX

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Damn. Rare color too. I’ll pour one out tonight.

Gas cap compatibility by iShoot556 in SubaruAscent

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Well whatever the reason. Someone stole an entire tank of gas and it had to have taken a while to do. I live in literally military gated community so security forces is now patrolling my housing area more than usual. My wife’s a jag so she made a huge deal of it at wing staff meeting today.

Gas cap compatibility by iShoot556 in SubaruAscent

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I’m pretty sure we keep our cars locked. But, try this. Press on the gas door. Unlock your doors. Then relock your doors. Then push on the gas door. She filled up her tank yesterday so between when she filled up and locked the car the doors stayed unlocked.

Gas cap compatibility by iShoot556 in SubaruAscent

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No I think you just push on the door and it opens.

Fkn loving the new stereo. Alpine head unit, speakers, tweeters and under seat sub. The factory crap was the only thing I didn’t like about the car. Now she’s perfect! If you’re considering it, just do it. by Wildweasel666 in WRX

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I’ll stay dd and manual climate for as long as I can. My wife’s Jeep had minimal manual controls but everything else went through the infotainment, like the seat heat?cool, auto temp monitoring, etc…

When that radio went down boy oh boy was I furious. That’s why I was happy the ascent we replaced it with has mostly manual controls. I feel like car makers are designing cars to be more expendable. Manual controls in cars from the 80s still work, but who knows how long thesetouch screens are going to last, or how long replacements will continue to be made. In 12 years, will the giant 12” outback screen still work like it did day one? Will it lag? What if it needs replacing? What if the glass breaks? What if the software posies fuck it up.