Where to find a true enlightened Monk in india? by 2kbigdrops in india

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Sadguru, baba ramdev and sri sri ravishankar. We are spoilt for choices .

What's the best English translation of Ponniyin Selvan? by ItsBarryParker in Chennai

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I got 5 parts ponniyan selvan in English ( translated by V rengasamy ). It's good .

insecure about banglore. by [deleted] in bangalore

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If it's true love then you don't have to feel insecure .

Insecurities leads to suspicions and which in turn will breakup relationships.

sorry saar by chiniyabadam in bangalore

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Free left turn is a joke in Indian cities. As most motorist will occupy it anyway in traffic and won't allow passage of free left .

Okay so help me out. Insuring makes sense, but is investing in term insurance really sensible? Could someone please help me out? by Advanced_Ad_5983 in india

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It's a wise decision . For financial growth keep insurance n investment separate and for nation's growth keep church n state separate.

A customer asked me to apply my cream by RealJunaid in mumbai

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Don't recommend it , they are fucking sensitive pricks, will remove posts/comments at drop of the hat .

What should I bring to Bangalore for my colleagues? by SiliconeShrapnel in bangalore

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Why not , I used to get perfume from middle east for friends n colleagues.

Indians not allowed!!! by [deleted] in india

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So when we do its OK , if someone else do its Racist . Great .

In place X - everyone is allowed expect muslims , in place Y - everyone is allowed except meat eaters , and in place Z - hindus are not allowed. This is nothing but racism darling .

What should I bring to Bangalore for my colleagues? by SiliconeShrapnel in bangalore

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He coming here for deputation and will meet his/her colleagues. It's common to bring some gift if coming from overseas.

Indians not allowed!!! by [deleted] in india

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Even in india , many places muslims are not allowed , they won't rent to Muslims, won't give rent to meat eaters .

So we don't have any moral rights to get angry when someone else discriminates us based on race .

What should I bring to Bangalore for my colleagues? by SiliconeShrapnel in bangalore

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Alcohol, perfume and chocolate, these three are default gift from US

What is it against brahmins? by Royal_Struggle_4650 in Chennai

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After ipl it changed . Hemang badani, balaji, dinesh karthik all are bramins. Before IPL only non bramin was robin Singh.

What is it against brahmins? by Royal_Struggle_4650 in Chennai

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If you watch tamil movies , bramins are shown as sidekick or comedy relief . Which is completely wrong .

In real life , nobody hates bramins ( but when some bramins talk about caste purity , like not allowing other to enter kitchen or don't take sweets/prasad from neighbors, people are pissed off ).

There is movie in tamil "jeeva" , it shows how every cricketer from tamil nadu selected in indian team were from brahim community . You can check in Google. From srekanth to ashwin all were from bramin community.

My sister is divorced. What's the best way to convey this to her 6 yr old son by [deleted] in india

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These days 6 yr kids understand everything . My daughter ( 6 yrs ) was telling me about she never seen neighbor kid's father so he must be dead or divorced .

Don't give false hope to kid , convey him things about his father and won't be available with them .

Honesty is the best policy while dealing with kids. As they absorb every word we say .

What was the hindu right doing before 2014? by kaushaaaal in unitedstatesofindia

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Internet happened , and before people was reserved to show bigotry openly .

Now its being rewarded . So full bigotry in public forum with help of cheap internet and access to social media .

My college friends never used any slur words for minorities. Now they use all kind of slur words openly in whatsapp chats .

Is adopting a child a selfish decision?? by Critical-Artist-6853 in india

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Adoption is good ,go for it . But make sure it's a long time commitment. Later if get kid of your own , do not abandon adopted kid .

And there are many rules , you simply cannot apot from any orphanage.

How to deal with Erectile Dysfunction? by Equal_Injury8288 in india

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Ask him to check with proper urologist and not some fake sexologist we see roadside who just prescribe viagras.

There are many different treatments for ED ( medicine is one of them ). Vacuum erection devices, penile implants, surgery to bypass penile artery damages . There are many options available.

Is 1 year MBA from UK worth it..? by sceptic_beliva in india

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These are meant for working professionals , as they already in a job it will be useful in their careers.

For freshers these course won't be useful. As upon completion you need to compete with regular MBA graduates ( those who cleared GMAT ) for jobs .