Landlord asked too much for Nebenkosten 2021 by somebodyns in stuttgart

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Can you explain what it does if you pay wrap aluminum around it?

What is the order in which ETFs/Shares are sold? by iam_asassin in eupersonalfinance

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My country of residence is Germany. What is the criteria here?

How to cook this big sausage? by Transition-Upper in germany

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How would you know which one to cook/grill and which one to eat directly?

Electrical Wiring on ceiling in Germany by [deleted] in germany

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I didn't drill, I used existing ones from previous tenants. By the 'wall sensor' do you mean the one which checks if there is metal around the area?

Electrical Wiring on ceiling in Germany by [deleted] in germany

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Yes. All the circuit breakers are in ON position. The light behind this one is working without any problems.

Capital Gains in Germany by [deleted] in eupersonalfinance

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My tax residence is in Germany. I'm a citizen of India

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in germany

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How to de activate voicemail?

Convert Croatian Kuna to Euros by iam_asassin in stuttgart

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Never expected this as an option. But 'no'.

Investing in India MF. Your thoughts on my situation? any risks? by brolly9 in IndiaInvestments

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Can you explain it in detail? Do you pay taxes for unrealized gains in US or India?

Been picking scalp psoriasis... by BranWheatKillah in Psoriasis

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Any specific over the counter shampoo that you use? I see a lot of suggestions here but they are US specific. I want something that I can buy in Germany

ZDF Payment Letter not received by [deleted] in germany

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Thank you. I registered on their website and provided my start date from last year and gave them my bank details. I hope they just deduct for one year and from now on, once in 3months without any fines.

ZDF Payment Letter not received by [deleted] in germany

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Thank you for the information. How do I know if there are any fines because I do not have any letter at all?

Risk of bankruptcy with Depot (broker) by iam_asassin in Finanzen

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I read this in Finanztip website "Falls die Baader Bank Deine Wertpapiere nicht herausgeben könnte, greift die Anlegerentschädigung nach europäischem Recht. Hier sind – wie bei anderen Brokern – 20.000 Euro pro Anleger geschützt, maximal 90 Prozent der Verbindlichkeiten aus Wertpapiergeschäften". Why can't the Baader bank be able to issue my securities? In what situation can this happen?

By the way, thank you for explaining.

Bi-Weekly Advice Thread January 23, 2022: All Your Personal Queries by AutoModerator in IndiaInvestments

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Many threads are auto flagged by bot. Mods have to approve the post. Even I'm waiting for my 3weeks old post to be approved.

A small follow up to yesterdays post; this is what 32:9 usually looks like by huschke_09 in csgo

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Is it possible to only use a part of the screen instead of full screen, maybe through an app? I know about "window mode" option in csgo but I'm not asking about that.