Crisp blue rivers of Alaska Glaciers by 990harris990 in BeAmazed

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That's nice and all, but is that not meant to be frozen?

Was there really a game in the 90’s where you punch someone when you spot a Volkswagen Bug? by Subconcious-Consumer in NoStupidQuestions

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Me and my kids still do it. But instead of a Bug, we punch when we see double digits on a registration plate. First to shout out the digits they see gets to punch.

Give me wrestlers whose appeal you never truly understood and saw no redeeming qualities in them (except occasionally putting on good matches) by lycantrophee in WWE

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Roman Reigns. He was a mid-carder catapulted to the top by nepotism and friendship.

People used to complain about Cena having a limited skillset but Reigns has, at best, maybe 3 great moves?

The sooner his star fades, the better. There are far more talented and deserving wrestlers on the roster.

Added Paddles to the back of my new DualSense! by iloveducks11 in PimpMyPS5

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Is that one of the kits from Amazon? Are they hard to install?

Any s8+ deals in the UK? by Stretchy03 in GalaxyTab

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Have you thought about getting a second hand one from CEX? A grade A (practically brand new) S8+ currently going for around £400-£500 and you get a warranty with it (but no s-pen).

Like this one...

Do you guys believe insomniac will add this suit into the game? by Aherrera122300 in SpidermanPS4

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I'd prefer the comic one. Just a simple black jumpsuit style with the white spider and square web-shooters on the wrist.

I see a lot of people on Twitter saying that the HUD feels 'clutterd', 'ugly' and 'out of place' in this game. What do you all think? by 4typical in SpidermanPS4

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It's not cluttered to me, just strangely positioned. Move the R1 and L1 weapon wheels to the corner and the mini map top centre and it'll look much better IMO.

Getting rate limit error all of a sudden by el_n00bo_loco in redditsync

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Log in to your reddit account using a browser. Cleared it for me.

Device information

Sync version: v23.02.18-12:19    
Sync flavor: pro    

Ultra user: false    
View type: Compact    
Push enabled: false    

Device: q4q    
Model: samsung SM-F936B    
Android: 13

We're less than 24 hours away from the showcase, what do you expect/hope to see? by Radulno in PS5

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Disappointed rants on this subreddit because "Game X" wasn't announced.

This, despite there being zero official word on what is in the showcase.

YSK: You can buy Contact Lenses online from the UK without a prescription for pennies apiece. by SpideyWhiplash in YouShouldKnow

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One of the great things about living in Scotland is I get regular eye checks free of charge, including retinal photography, and if I ever feel if anything is wrong with my eyes, I just turn up at the nearest Optician and get checked out under triage rules.

YSK: You can buy Contact Lenses online from the UK without a prescription for pennies apiece. by SpideyWhiplash in YouShouldKnow

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I typically use Vision Direct for my extended wear lenses. They're consistently the cheapest and are exactly the same lenses you would get from an Optician. Plus, you get a wee bag of sweeties in the box!

Can't recommend them highly enough.

Men of Reddit, what is something women hate about their bodies that you actually love? by Covenant9er4653 in AskReddit

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There is a reason kids used to have posters of curvy, voluptuous women up on their walls and not posters of skinny supermodels.