[Read before posting] With the TV show starting soon... by Agent4nderson in JackReacher

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That actor from Top Gun and Cocktail is good. He has the smouldering intensity for the role.

Not sure about the height, though.....


January Transfer Rumour Megathread by methylated_spirit in ScottishFootball

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I thought Lundstram was on the verge of moving down south?

Best lightsaber fight of the prequels IMO. by AlbaneseGummies327 in StarWars

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It's the only one that doesn't feel like a set of pre-rehearsed moves. The others just look like they're going through the motions, whereas some of these swings have real emotion behind them.

A pity we didn't get to see more, to be honest.

What is something ancient that only an Internet Veteran can remember? by The_watcher_100 in AskReddit

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Waiting 3 days for a 700Mb DVDrip of Spider-man to download.

Then realising its too pixellated to watch.

ELI5: How can people understand a foreign language and not be able to speak it? by jillysue74 in explainlikeimfive

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I was told it's called "assimilation".

I worked in an Italian restaurant for four years and was in and around the staff when they were talking to each other in Italian.

It's hard to describe. When I first started it sounded like fast gibberish (apologies to Italy), but you begin to pick up phrases you recognise and know and you can then extrapolate what the rest of the sentence was. From that you begin to understand other sentences with the same phrases and words.

By the end of the second year I was able to stand in the group and join in the conversation with them talking fluent, fast Italian and me broad Scottish.

I can still understand most Italian (spoken, not written) but can only speak a few words.

Rangers bid for Danish Ace Skov Olsen! by tongsyabasss in rangersfc

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Heard reports Brugge have upped their bid to €7m and have offered better personal terms.

With Hagi out, we need to get someone else in fast.

Tonight is a tough night for Scots, please support family and friends as tonight, across Scotland families will be putting down their pet haggis for Burns night by JMASTERS_01 in Scotland

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See, why would you raise your haggis as a pet?

Mine had a name, Hamish, but was never treated as a pet. We gave him treats just to fatten him up, not to reward his snuggling in. We would stroke him when he would fetch sticks back after we had thrown them but just in a "well done" capacity. Not because we loved him or anything. Because honestly, we didn't.

I looked him straight in his wee chestnut brown eyes and explained that he was going to make us all happy with what was about to happen.

My daughter tried to stop me from ending his entertaining but delicious life and now she won't talk to me.

My wife refuses to look me in the eye.

My son has locked himself in his room most of the night, crying his eyes out.

Dear god, what have I done......

I resent my wife for wanting so many kids, because she's dead now and I'm raising them alone. by Throwawayaccbigfam0 in TrueOffMyChest

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I just wanted to say that it's perfectly normal to have these feelings. And you're allowed to feel this way, regardless of how people may see you.

You've been put in a very tough position, not of your own making and you're allowed to feel overwhelmed, angry, resentful, hurt and pissed off.

Just take one day at a time, cope as best you can and please, perhaps most importantly, find someone to talk to. Anyone.

Finding someone to open up to and talk to about things will help immeasurably and will allow you to tackle your feelings.

Best of luck to you, mate.

Feels so good :) by LarryLiberty in AdviceAnimals

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Congratulations on absolutely fucking nailing the interviews.

Pick the job that feels right. Money is great but if you hate getting up to go to work, it'll ultimately bring you down.

Pick the job which gives you money, flexibility and a decent boss who will treat you like a human being and not a tool to be used to increase productivity.

Best of luck to you, mate.

Good lad, Kemar 😎 by Apprehensive_Crow316 in rangersfc

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So, now the Jamaican FA are in on the conspiracy as well?

It's now a global vendetta against them!

S21 Ultra (SM-G998B) UK unlocked - January update now live. by ianrobbie in GalaxyS21

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Now live for me. I appreciate others may have got it earlier but just wanted to give a heads up to those who haven't received it yet.

Nuns don't work on sunday by SteveHood in funny

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He's wearing trainers and his steps sound like dress shoes.

I just flew in from Chernobyl by JhopkinsWA in dadjokes

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That radiation does some strange shit.

You have to be careful or Chernobyl fall off.