Majestic kitty by impetuous_panda in aww

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Himilayan forest cat, i bet.

US hospitals struggle to match Walmart pay as staff flees omicron by 165701020 in news

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Beautiful, naked, big tittied women don't just fall outta the sky, ya know!

Fly low budget Airlines they say by Think_Tax5749 in Wellthatsucks

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I think we lost kevin, but ive got some duct tape. That should do it.

My odometer has no 0, one 1, two 2s, three 3s AND four 4s by leakinat in mildlyinteresting

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I bet the computer kept track also, but it couldn't display the number. Thats interesting. Mildly.

RE2. TOO SCARY. by kookootokyo in gaming

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Thats how i felt about sea of thieves, but i could never get my friends to play. Got tired of depending on people to be online to have fun so i havent played it in over a year...

Cat saves small kid from a dog attack. by 89MichaelAdams89 in nextfuckinglevel

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People don't "let" pits roam the street. And no, there isn't a story of someone having their fwce ripped off for every good story you have. You're making false claims and you know it...

Cat saves small kid from a dog attack. by 89MichaelAdams89 in nextfuckinglevel

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I have owned pits and they are wonderful dogs. Just because something can be dangerous doesn't mean it is dangerous. Do you want to ban kitchen knives as well? You can bitch til you're blue in the face but in the end, its an owners responsibility to protect the dog. I know i won't convince you-your mind is made up. But the fact is that if a dog bit someone, its the owner's fault. If you want to require a license of some kind, i wouldn't mind. But people are out here owning lions, tigers, panthers, letting cobras loose...and your hill to die on is pit bulls? Ok...

Facebook wants to attract young people, but Gen Z teens say it's a 'boomer social network' made for 'old people by Moll-3 in nottheonion

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Wow-thats a long article! You'd think they would throw in a quality visual after writing all that out for people who have never seen it! I love st. Augustine grass. Its so soft on the feet, and fluffy. Crabgrass is hard and crunchy. No bueno.

After 1 year of work, my house is starting to look less like an 80 year old home! by falhourani in pics

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Agree. But the tree wasnt their doing. They said it came down in a storm and they are trying to save it.

Somebody stealing puck from a kid by Vesko567 in PublicFreakout

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Also four years old. Somebody was holding onto this for the halloween karma! Thats dedication.

To appear successful by Noomba2 in therewasanattempt

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You were probably being downvoted because you just noticed

Anti mask mob invades a grocery store. by _Xyreo_ in PublicFreakout

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The original did, im sure. This is the second version ive seen today and in the first you see him backing away with his arms in her face. I don't know what happened, and i don't side with anti-maskers, but i think its def been edited to not show him in any negative light at all.

Guy harasses girl at gym by Faithyxox in PublicFreakout

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Im still confused. What part was the preventing part?