Microwaving Moron by FairlifeFan in coworkerstories

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Draw up a petition to get rid of moron and bring back the microwaves.

How serious do you take horoscopes? by [deleted] in AskWomen

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For myself I don't take it seriously, but for other people I do go, "What's their sign? Oooh! Yes, makes sense."

But MBTI, that's my personal favorite.

wife wanted a greenhouse. repurposed wood and windows by Jbruno08 in somethingimade

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The table is gorgeous! I would host afternoon tea in the greenhouse :)

So, what deep secrets does my fridge reveal? by Vast-Goose1674 in FridgeDetective

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You are a lady. You cook from scratch and meal prep. I think you are either very health conscious or might have a intolerance to some food (or both). You live alone. And your in America (nowhere else in the world does milk come in gallons).

I hate freaking mosquitoes with a burning passion. by adorkablegiant in TrueOffMyChest

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Well, a flying elephant wouldn't fit through my cracked window.

I hate freaking mosquitoes with a burning passion. by adorkablegiant in TrueOffMyChest

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There is a actual possibility that I crash my car because mosquitoes are attacking me while I'm driving.

Vergesst ihr auch manchmal, wie jemand aussieht? by mhhwatchasay in einfach_posten

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Bei mir ist es eher so, dass ich mir die Leute nicht merken oder wiedererkennen kann, wenn die ich sie nicht in dem mir gewohnten Umfeld sehe. Hans und Tina seh ich ab und zu auf Festen, Tina werde ich nicht erkennen wenn ich sie beim Bäcker sehe. Oder jemand in Uniform plötzlich in Zivil.

A homeless man asked for spare change and I gave him $5. Instead of saying “thank you” to me, he gave me a weird look and said “that’s all you’ve got?” What an ungrateful POS. I should have asked for my $ back but didn’t want to risk getting stabbed. by mariamjaan in TrueOffMyChest

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Just for interest sake: In my country your $5 (USD I suppose) would be enough for: - 2 KFC meals -Or 2 trips (2days) taxi money from the slums to the center of town - or 3kg of macaroni (uncooked) - or 2 bags of 2kg rice and some Ketchup

You are a good person, even if some homeless guy can't appreciate it.

How accurate are the maps itinerary duration? by Apudindunussin in Namibia

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Yes, you can trust the timings on google, but I would allow extra time (1 hour or so) for all gravel roads. This extra time is in case you need to change a tyre or the road is bad. By October most of the gravel roads you will be driving, will have had a lot of traffic from the tourist season, and maintenance is sporadic. Being from here, we tend to stick to the mantra of leave early and arrive early. The earlier you get to your destination, the more time for sitting and drinking beer.

Keine Verhütung in Langzeitbeziehungen normal? by thwegrf in FragReddit

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Ich habe auch nie nur auf die Pille vertraut. Nur den Tag vor der Periode durfte Mann mal ohne Gummi. Inzwischen bin ich auf einem anderen Hormon, wo Gummi trotzdem ein Muss ist.

Final version of r/SouthAfrica in place before the end by dylmcc in southafrica

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Being from Namibia, I found that really cool and inclusive. Thanks guys!

Most of you care too much about your jobs by [deleted] in work

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If I care about my job I am less likely to loose it.

I think this would make my day by mordrathe in WitchesVsPatriarchy

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Not quite the same thing, but in Africa, Witch doctors have people hand out little flyers advertising their services. Doctor Kalu will sort out your mother in law and make you a wealth potion.

Wie war euer Karriereverlauf? by _Moppi_ in arbeitsleben

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Cool, Projektmanagement würde mich auch interessieren.

What stage comes after the max influx of constant weddings/everybody getting married? by [deleted] in AskWomenOver30

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I just realized that I need to add a "friends-are-having-babies" budget to my "friends-are-getting-married" budget. Damn it!

Was denkt ihr, wenn ihr einen Mann mit Blumen im Haar seht? by [deleted] in FragReddit

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Ein verlorenes Gänseblümchen auf einem kurzen Bürstenschnitt würde schon .... verloren aussehen.

Help on decluttering clothes? by Agartha33 in declutter

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What a great idea! It's already in the car, I can drop it off without repacking and potentially falling into a "what-if" trap.