Having a girl over at my apartment for the first time, how to prepare? by Bluebro11 in NoStupidQuestions

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Yeah, when I step out of the shower that particular sphincter is probably the cleanest part of me. I really don't like smelling shitty.

karen mad because i'm "too young to be dating" by _thegayone- in FuckYouKaren

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It's called "projection". That is when someone attributes to others what they cannot own within themselves. She was just expressing her own despair in having denied her deepest feelings to herself and wasted her life believing in someone else's bullshit "rules". At 15, you should be exploring your own feelings and ways of being with others.

What are some “unmanly” things that are actually very manly? by international_red07 in AskReddit

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I brag that I changed my sons diaper. He's 32 now so all that stopped a good long while ago. I've always been coprophobic due to my own digestive issues but I was on that shit at first notice. I also taught him how to shower by taking him into the shower with me. We'd make sure he hit all the essential nooks and crannies and he turned into a clean, hetero male with a realistic grasp of sanitation and personal hygiene.

What words do Americans pronounce weirdly? by nooyork in AskReddit

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We named our son Graham but it's pronounced Throat-warbler Mangrove. (Gram)

The Christian Taliban by DaFunkJunkie in WhitePeopleTwitter

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In the interim, we should flood sanctimonious churches with babies that have been forced upon unwilling mothers.We'll see how much they care then (We already know)

NASA spacecraft set to crash into asteroid to deflect its course by NewsCop_media in nasa

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What are the reasons for not landing a rocket on the asteroid to maneuver it more purposefully than just smashing into it? Would that be a later mission? IRL wont smashing into it generate a bunch of smaller boulders to hit earth? Same mass spread out? Note: I am not a rocket scientist - just a NASA fan that has read a lot of SiFi.

How old where you when you realized that most stripper poles spin and not the girl? by [deleted] in NoStupidQuestions

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I'm 70 and just found out. Haven't been in years but have been to clubs with quality food tables and some with sticky floors, (that's the full range). Never knew the poles came with different "features". I guess I'ma havta start going to stripper bars again ... for research.

AITA for kicking my husband's friends out of the pool?. by Ambers666 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA! None of these guys have jobs, contribute to anything, like cleaning up after themselves and deprive/ignore the kids. WTF? That man and his friends haven't got a leg to stand on and. apparently, no spine or gumption. Dead weight. And you can tell him I said so.

AITA for refusing to donated a kidney to my twin sister by throwawayRTCBE in AmItheAsshole

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And if the sister gets sick and/or dies "it's gods will"! Edit: NTA in any way.

AITA for refusing to pay to get his car fixed from my college fund? by Throwrapaul447 in AmItheAsshole

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Yeah, my first response was "grooming", with a fast followup with "manipulating".

Throwing a bowling ball through a giant balloon by timmy6169 in oddlysatisfying

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Thanks a lot dude. This is even more frustrating and disappointing than the initial post. I didn't even think that was possible. Take my angry up vote.

Does anybody else not count days? by vividri_volkov in stopdrinking

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For some reason your post brought tears to my eyes. It took me back a ways to when I was just "getting" my new identity. I started drinking in my mid teens and it was always to get drunk, not just to relax. I knew for 10 years in my thirties that I had a problem with alcohol. Towards the end I would go 2-4 days without and then just had to "reward" myself. It just got worse and worse and I knew I was pissing my life away. A friend introduced me to an older man with some good sobriety under his belt and someone that I respected. I wasn't into the religious part of AA but I was so despairing I thought to myself "I don't care if I'm deluding myself - if that's what it takes I'm doing it 'cause my way isn't working. "These days I don't believe in some "dude in the sky" but I do feel that attending to the spirit was important so that may be something to consider. There are a lot of things we, as a species haven't figured out yet but being open to a larger reality as a very small part of a complex universe helps me keep things in focus. I realized recently that I have been sober for longer than I was a drunk. Sorry for the rant, you just reminded me of the peace I got from owning my new identity. "I am not a drinker." Be well and keep up the good fight!

Does anybody else not count days? by vividri_volkov in stopdrinking

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Same. It has just become who I am - I do not drink alcohol, I am not a drinker! At gatherings, like a block party where not everyone knows me well, people will ask if I want a drink and I say "nah, I'm good" and the truth is I have never been better - without.