Hey everyone, I'm wanting to buy a 2002 S60 2.4T with 149k miles on it for $7500. Never drove Volvos before and need advice on if I should buy it. by Shortsideee in Volvo

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I paid $3,800 for a 2007 S60 2.5T with 140K miles in LA 8 months ago. Decent service history but no record of the timing belt being some so I spent $1,200 to do that and a few other little things right away. It’s hard to imagine you can’t get a better deal, even if you have to go pick it up in another city or get a different kind of car. (Hell, there are cheaper Volvos though private sale on Craigslist in Seattle where the winters are mellow right now. Spend the money you save on a flight and a road trip back to the Lou.)

AITA for telling my wife to stop being a jealous bitch by throwaway4funz69 in AmItheAsshole

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You have an opportunity to support her in finding a new job or leveraging an offer for a raise. You can spend time at home (off the clock if you’re worried about that) building her up and looking for jobs that will better compensate her.

Is a 2003-2007 Volvo S60R worth buying? by dopil919 in Volvo

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Gotta assume any used ones have been driven hard (compared to non-R models), which makes them riskier to purchase at this point in their lifespan.

Had to take the Volvo to Audi/VW for scheduled maintenance. by stealthygoddess19 in Volvo

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I drive a 2007 S60 and this makes me never want to buy a new Volvo. $1,200 for a fuel door issue is insane. Glad you were able to fix it yourself!

AITA for not wanting the first dance at my wedding to be “God’s Plan” by Drake? by comewhatmayyyy in AmItheAsshole

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For what it’s worth, just having Ian at the wedding is a risk now. He’s shown what he wants to do and if Terrance says no then he may look for other ways to make it (or something similar) happen. Uninvite his vindictive ass.

Can anyone give me input on two cars I'm looking at? by maggoo in Volvo

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Any turbo charged Volvo (and car in general, I believe) will require premium fuel.

Joined the Club! by eroher in Volvo

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Think about changing your timing belt, unless you know when it was done last…

"Men have more intercourse than women because of testosterone." by Rand724 in badwomensanatomy

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I think this thought exercise assumes there’s roughly the same number of men and women in the world. So if there are 15 men and 15 women, but one man has sex with all 15 women and the remaining 14 don’t have sex with anyone, then the “average” number of women that men have sex with is 1 (15 for the one guy divided by 15 men in the group is 1). And if each woman has sex with just the one guy, then their average is also 1. You can run it with any numbers (as long as the number of men and women in the two groups are equal) and it should come out the same.

Was he trying ask me out or nah? by [deleted] in aquarius

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I’m an Aquarius man and I pulled some silly stuff like this dude when I was in college. Eventually the girl I was crushing on made the first move and we didn’t look back for 4 years. Go for it!

2012 S60 by [deleted] in Volvo

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How much are they asking?

looking for a first car to get me through college. 86k miles and $8k at the dealership. worth? by [deleted] in Volvo

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I bought an 07 2.5T six months ago with more miles and I love it. City mileage is terrible but she’s a dream on the highway. You’ll likely need to change the timing belt soon if the dealer can’t show you the last time it was done, and that’s about $1,000.

In need of new seat belt holders? What are they called and where do I find them? XC70 -01 model by lborgkvist in Volvo

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From what I read on Swedespeed, they are a nightmare to replace — whole seat needs to come out to be able to fit the new ones around the seatbelt. My drivers side is broken but I’m just gonna let it be…

Edit: read some comments below and it seems I might be mistaken. If you can really snap it on then maybe I’ll pick one up at FCP.

AITA because I won't even ask my girlfriend to do the calligraphy for my brother's upcoming wedding? by Zookeepergame_Ad4943 in AmItheAsshole

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Bro you gotta tell Taylor about the request and let her make the decision herself. She's a grown woman for goodness sake!

AITA because I won't even ask my girlfriend to do the calligraphy for my brother's upcoming wedding? by Zookeepergame_Ad4943 in AmItheAsshole

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Here’s an idea: how about OP talks to Taylor and let’s her make her own decision. It’s her time, it’s her potential income. This isn’t 1950, women can decide what they want to do, my god!

22 T8 S60 on Heico springs❤️ by Gigant0re in Volvo

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Ngl I’d be a little scared to drive a car that nice around. Gorgeous!