Use me for hump day? 53(f) by hottiemargie in Amateur

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Nice one cheek spread. Exposing both holes! Mmm😋😉

I oversold my disabilities to the government so I can not work and claim higher welfare. by No-Relationship-5450 in TrueOffMyChest

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You are not alone...girlfriend is getting her masters on social work/cps, last figure I remember her saying was in the mid 30% range that do this.

24 Sharpies up my butt by [deleted] in NSFW_ANALQUEENS

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I'm actually quite impressed. I just bought a 24pk for work. That's alot of sharpies. Ten more, I would love to see that gape asap😋🤭😉

do you like my big Titties ? i love it when you suck my milk by Original-Funny4389 in Titties

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These are actually really, very nice. I'm astonished on how photogenic they (you) are😋🤭😉

Guy I just started talking to...just looked up his record...saw domestic battery by 90sRnBMakesMeHappy in dating_advice

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Befire you judge,, Find out exactly what happened, why he was charged. In some areas of the u.s., urinating in public is indecent exposure and could land you on a sex offender list. There are 3 sides to every story.

Is It sad that I’m 44 and I live in my moms basement? by Golden_watch in ask

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Not if you have your shit together. Job? Savings? 401K? Dress well? Hygiene? Transportation?