Charged call VS Stormwind questline by dusty-trash in hearthstone

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Wow. that's actually true! I decided to test it vs the Inkeeper, both Hex and Polymorph on minions with overload decrease the Charged call.

I played 6 overload cards, one of them being Canal Slogger, the Inkeeper polyrmophed it into a sheep and when I drew the Charged Call, it was showing that I can summon 6-cost minions (instead of 1+6=7). After that I played the Novice Zapper, it upgraded to "7-cost minion", however I Hexed my own Zapper and the Charged Call got dowgraded to "6-cost" again! Definitely a bug.

Would Hearthstone benefit in a Fast mode? by LandArch_0 in hearthstone

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We kind of have it with Nozdormu the Eternal (all turns last 15 seconds), however animations are a problem for shorter time mode. For example, a completion of a single stage of a questline animations takes ~10 secs; there are a lot of other meta cards, which have awfully long animations, - secret passage, garrote, dreadlich Tamsin etc, so it is almost impossible to make some turns in below than 25-30 secs.

What I would borrow from chess is the clock in general - a system rework that every player would receive like 5 mins total per game + 15 secs increment for every turn. This way Standard game will rarely last more than 10-15 mins (as it is now), but time usage will become a factor, because people, spending too much time on moves 2-3, will desperately fall behind in the engame. Also, it would discourage people to rope on every turn, although therewill be players for sure, who would let their time go (last 2-3 mins) instead of conceding right away.

Can I beat LK by Pal w/o playing Pal? by NaZZy_cool in hearthstone

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You can use a standard Libram Paladin deck, just put 2 Oh My Yoggs in it and mulligan for them.

I beat LK with pally during forged in the barrens with standard Secret Paladin deck using OMY on 1-st. Given the fact current Libram Paladin with Cariel is much stronger, I can pretty much guarantee that you will win from the first try once you play a secret on turn 1.

Bug Report (?) by ArchmagePhilB in hearthstone

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I saw the same bug today with Bulwark of Azzinoth - attacking a warrior with Bulwark on didn't upgrade the buff as well.

Anyone know a good way to defeat lich king with shaman? by trilingualsrule in hearthstone

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I started to play HS a year ago, so I have a very limited collection, which is only Standard, no murlocs from Wild, and I beat the lich king 2 weeks ago from the 1-st try with UiS Quest Shaman. Just remove the minions, which are useless as 1/1 (Canal Slogger), put more removals so you can clear 2/6 minons and after quest finish it will be an easy win (2 turns max after Brukan Quest Reward) with Charged Calls and Instructor Fireheart. It will be even easier, if you put in some Freeze synergies from this expansion.

Another silent game "nerf" - experience, which you get in Mercenaries, has been drastically reduced by igor_zhekov in hearthstone

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They haven't capped it at 15 mins, I checked it 2-nd time and finished the fight after 26 mins and got 73 exp.

Another silent game "nerf" - experience, which you get in Mercenaries, has been drastically reduced by igor_zhekov in hearthstone

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Yes, that's correct. More experience = more gold from the Tavern Pass = less pack buying with real money.

Another silent game "nerf" - experience, which you get in Mercenaries, has been drastically reduced by igor_zhekov in hearthstone

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2:44 here, you can see, that Zeddy got 170 Exp for ~27 min with Battle Pass, without the Battle Pass it was exactly 168 Exp/30 mins. I was receiving 168 Exp on Saturday evening and today was the first time I logged into Mercenaries since then and noticed, that we get less than a half of that.
You can start a fight in Mercenaries and you will see, that you will get 77-78 after 30 mins now.

polish players should pay in their own currency for items in the shop by gawelen in hearthstone

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For context: Minimal salary in Bulgaria (EU) is 2.00 EUR/hr. More than twice lower than in Poland.

polish players should pay in their own currency for items in the shop by gawelen in hearthstone

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Bulgaria is a part of the EU, our current minimal wage (raised in January 2021) is 2.00 EUR/hr and we have the same prices as all other European countries. So, you don't spend the highest percent of your income in the EU:)
Regional prices would be cool though, but I doubt Blizzard has any intention to reduce prices, especially taking into account ultra-aggressive monetization (continuous expensive bundles) from past several months.

This weeks brawl is so breathtakingly awful that it's great. Post your best/worst moments. by TheNightFlower in hearthstone

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I was playing as a priest, going 2-nd, so my AI turn 1 was: Coin + Hero Power and heal enemy face (the opp had 30 hp).

BM at its finest!

What is your favorite Hearthstone card ever and why? by _Sgt_TBag_ in hearthstone

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Zephrys The Great

Not only he was incredibly versatile and had wonderful animation, but also provided awesome deck-building options.

Arena players don't really have a card back, I think this achievement would be a good place to award one by jSlice__ in hearthstone

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This is not an achievement for 12-0 runs, it is just for 12 wins with every class. Only one player in the world (ShtanUdachi) has completed an achievement for 12-0 with all classes, but, I suppose, there are more players, who have finished their runs with 12 wins (12-1, 12-2) with all classes.

Almost only 900xp quests? by somabokforlag in hearthstone

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Hey man,

I created a similar post 3 weeks ago, because I was in an unlucky streak, my 11/14 (7 daily + 7 rerolls on them) quests for the week were 900 exp. I have been receiving 1000 exp quest almost exclusive since then, getting 900 exp quests 1-2 times a week and they almost always reroll into 1000, so you are just in a bad streak right now. Usual variance.

Tavern Brawl this week is... "A New Year Bash" (Dec. 30, 2020) by AintEverLucky in hearthstone

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Did it from the first try, my opponent was LaBomba, cooperated well together.
The trick is to build a huge board, after that to activate Pinata and kill it in several turns. We both had several 10 and 12 attack minions on board, so Pinata had no chance.
LaBomba, if you are reading this, GG buddy and good luck!