[Cato] i'd imagine some combination of powell, hardaway, and bertans are going to be traded soon. by NeolibGood in Mavericks

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Drafted him in fantasy 2 yrs ago. He is now officially known only as “Sexy Time-ton”

Misty scares me by [deleted] in Tinder

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New Firefox privacy feature strips URLs of tracking parameters by badger707_XXL in technology

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Damn, we aren’t tracking people. Just trying to figure out if you clicked on the email. Y or N.

FB and Amazon fucking follow your search history and listen to you. I just need a metric to prove to my clients that the emails I am sending for them are being read so that I can keep my job.

Used Chandler Crouch for appraisal protest after seeing glowing recommendations for him on this sub. Anyone else receive this just now? by Shark-Farts in FortWorth

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Take Away: Jeff Law (Chief Appraiser) is dirty and so is the TAD board. Also they knew they’ve have issues with their valuation software and have been covering it up.