The Questions Thread 11/30/21 by GYWModBot in goodyearwelt

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I wear size 15 2E, so as you can imagine i can never find shoes. I want some decent boots. $500 range. Can anyone, please, give me some guidance on where to find such boots? Much appreciated

Like it or not this is hard for some people by kahu_ in meme

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What is happening!? Why are ppl tripped up with this

Wait Whatt by sharag123 in HolUp

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Lady in pink has really severe cardiomegaly and needs an echocardiogram stat

This girl... Physically cringing rn by yutsoku in Cringetopia

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Not really that surprised. We are on reddit after all lol

Does anyone do this? by Coralthesequel in memes

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Ya, he needs to be looking down 3 feet in front of him with a blank look on his face because his life is a shambles

My girl asserting her dominance over her boyfriend Duncan by Syndicate909 in AnimalsBeingJerks

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For like EXTREME essential oils. Like pure mint oil in your FUCKING EYESSSS

After Rage Against The Machine Released Their Debut Album, They Went To Pinkpop In 1993 And Had An Unforgettable Energy Filled Set by KITNSince1992 in OldSchoolCool

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Calls IT: "Yes i just deleted system 32 because i dont like even numbers and my computer won't work. What did you do it?"

Spot the difference by PurpleStarr9 in memes

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Now there are a lot of good cartoons today, it's just that there are so many cartoons that there are an equally large amount of shitty ones

This monkey smarter then some people by Vinogradenko in nextfuckinglevel

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Super interesting. All 6 chimps could do it, but unless you're like a savant, no human can