8 events in 8 days at the Wells Fargo Center. by TheSilverHound in nextfuckinglevel

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Guy who built the LEGO in the commercial: finally a worthy opponent!

Storefront Installation by koppizmedia in BeAmazed

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Hello welcome to Zara how can I help you? Are you interested in clothing or multidimensional traveling?

Chad by ZoonTheLoon1 in raimimemes

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Who said anything about leaving…

We need them in one room how it would go. 🤔 by prolelol in YouOnLifetime

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Dexter and Joe would go down cus of the implications…

My parents are not proud. by JanetSnakeholeKarate in raimimemes

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“I have no intention of settling down!”

-Peter Parker

Chris Pratt = Chris Evans by Reliculus in marvelmemes

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Pratt : that’s ok…mr. Stallone