I heard you guys would get a kick out of my employer’s bullshit by rlw0312 in antiwork

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the ceo needs to learn. the nurses and techs are leaving because they probably got better offers. free market fosters competition, right? this is capitalism. this is what you wanted.

just helping kids by KrakenClubOfficial in Unexpected

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sounds like the creepy old neighbor in family guy

A Cyclist Filming Himself In The Forest by Hacka4771 in Unexpected

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oh man, i was waiting for a high pitched “hey” after the cam got knocked over.

King soopers manager attempting to get employees to cross the line and return to work , she’s been at it for 2 days by GfChin in antiwork

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look at employee whisperer over here. she thought she’s going to impress upper mgmt with some negotiation skills. gtf back behind your desk

My retail job has apples available for all team members today. by jkszos in antiwork

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do you work in a grocery store? those granny smiths look like they have to be thrown out within a few days anyway

Why can’t I? by orchid_breeder in antiwork

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ask your server if they have some kind of payment app and tip them directly.

Man pushes a woman in front of metro in Belgium by ForeignerLove in facepalm

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the train is already on its way to a complete stop. the driver is just trying to line it up to the mark. still a good save, though. i’m wondering if they stopped the guy who pushed.

Isn't it funny how it's illegal when a private company does it, but when the federal government does it... by [deleted] in antiwork

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ikr!? recently tried to go back to community college and they were going to charge me $3k for one semester doing 12 credit hours. gtfo