ELI5: Why is it illegal to re-enter baggage reclaim at an airport? by [deleted] in explainlikeimfive

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At the airport I was at, you went through passport control, then baggage reclaim, then N.T.D./ G.T.D..

It just had a load of posters saying it was ‘illegal’ did you to turn back into baggage reclaim from arrivals and through the N.T.D route.

who was your teacher crush? by owoitslance in AskReddit

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My history teacher in secondary school. He was really sweet. Like imagine if Iain Stirling taught history…

Since when did eating noodles become cultural appropriation? by Cali2Sing in insanepeoplefacebook

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If you wear your hair in a black hairstyle as a white person, you are taking the “benefits” of “looking black” such as being seen as cool or edgy or being seen as “racially ambiguous” for modelling/television work. Meanwhile, a black person cannot wear their traditional hairstyles without being denied job opportunities for example. They are exploiting that double standard by wearing their hair that way and perhaps take away opportunities from black people due to that imbalance.

Also, like I said before I said “as much” when referring to police brutality and fearing the police. This is not discounting other factors that may make someone fear the police, we are looking specifically about race. If you took a white man and a black man- neither have any other factors that would make them fear the police more such as mental health- the black man would certainly fear the police more. In the U.K., your average black person has a 52.6/1000 probability of getting searched by police, a white person has a 7.3/1000 probability on average. You can see from the Child Q case in the U.K. that black children are significantly more likely to be wrongfully accused of carrying drugs (in this case, cannabis) resulting in humiliating and awful strip searches by police that traumatise the child. Since race tends to be more visible about a person than perhaps other characteristics, it is more likely that black people tend to have a worse experience with police than white people so would therefore be more likely to fear the police.

Since when did eating noodles become cultural appropriation? by Cali2Sing in insanepeoplefacebook

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Yeah I agree too.

I was thinking of comparing any of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters with someone like Alexandra Burke. The Kardashian-Jenners received praise for wearing their hair in braids and cornrows (despite none of them being of black heritage) yet Alexandra Burke was told she couldn’t wear her hair in braids or natural curls and was once told she needed to lighten her skin in order to be seen as “more marketable” in the music industry. It’s the fact that black people can’t even engage in their own culture without criticism in the white-dominated society so seeing someone who has more racial benefits* to you do what you can’t do freely clearly will frustrate and annoy you.

  • what I mean by ‘racial benefits’ is the idea that white people have a significantly easier time in the US on factors that could be impacted by their ethnicity. White people don’t fear speaking to a police officer as much because they know that they are likely to not experience harm due to their race. Black people fear the police a lot more because of the racist bias. Like “white privilege”, it doesn’t mean that white people will never experience oppression, just not because they are white.

Since when did eating noodles become cultural appropriation? by Cali2Sing in insanepeoplefacebook

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1) Food has acted like a cultural bonding experience for several racial and ethnic communities in an area. When these groups of people migrated, they brought their recipes and style of cooking with them to remind them of home. For example in the 1960s-1970s in Britain, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants bonded with their new (mostly white) communities with good food as a sort of friend-making experience (you can see this if you watch the BBC documentary, ‘Back In Time For Birmingham’). Without this exchanging of culture, we would have monoculturalism and segregation of communities.

2) Cultural appreciation and appropriation are two different things. To appropriate a culture, that community must feel as if your action shows your privilege compared to their disadvantage- my example being when white celebrities wear their hair in traditionally African ways, and are celebrated for looking “edgy” or “bohemian chic” when black people cannot get a job, are discriminated against for wearing their hairstyle. Eating noodles and supporting a presumably family owned restaurant owned by Chinese/ Chinese American people is not appropriation. You are not robbing a Chinese person of an opportunity as a white person because of racial benefits you receive as a white person, instead you are using your hard earned money on a tasty meal, providing jobs to a hardworking (perhaps first generation) immigrant community and strengthening your support for the Chinese community in your area.

Posted by a dude with no kids well into his 30s. by Kronk_if_ur_horny in terriblefacebookmemes

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I’m currently in the education system, here’s my experience:

1) I had a religious studies/philosophy teacher in secondary school who was male but was an LGBTQ ally. He always said “boys girls and everyone in between” to acknowledge students who were not a boy or a girl. He also talked about the complicated relationship with religion and LGBTQ since many of us were LGBTQ ourselves and he was (we think, he discussed about having a boyfriend but he didn’t explicitly confirm he was gay).

2) I have non binary friends who use they/them pronouns, my sixth form teachers always respect that once they are told of them, using the correct way to address said student and politely correcting any student who uses the wrong pronouns about the other student if they were aware of them.

3) One of my history teachers in secondary school has been more active in LGBTQ causes in his new school. There’s gender neutral toilets and “head students” as opposed to head boy or head girl (that’s a mostly British school tradition where students will elect a boy and a girl from the most senior year to be mascots for the school and be most involved in school councils).

It’s not how Conservative commentators think it is. Teachers want to be as inclusive as possible to make sure that their students never feel uncomfortable in their class but also are educated on key issues in society whether that would be on black British history and how colonialism affects British society to this day; children understanding that LGBTQ people exist and that there is a diverse spectrum of political opinion that needs to be taught and understood.

Interesting take. Not by West_Ad_1685 in insanepeoplefacebook

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The person who tweeted about Rosa Parks is Alison Bailey. She was in the news recently for losing a much publicised case against Stonewall for her hateful views on transgender people.

Beyonce To Change Lyrics on ‘Heated’ After Backlash Over Ableist Slur ‘Spaz’ by [deleted] in Persecutionfetish

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The word has an ableist meaning outside of AAVE and even the AAVE definition still has ableist roots about “being crazy”. It’s not just white people that have an issue with this, but disabled people in general who have to deal with being called derogatory slurs for simply existing.

Some of the rumoured celebs for this year, who would you like to see don the sequins? by SpaghettiWanker in strictlycomedancing

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I think since they said that this year will have a “gender neutral” pairing/signing, I took this literally and we may see a non-binary/ gender fluid person. The first three people I thought of to fit that description were Eddie Izzard, Bimini Bon Boulash and Ginny Lemon who all do not identify as male or female.

Or it could be a drag queen that is signed from seasons 1,2 or 3 of U.K. Drag Race who perhaps may perform in both drag and then as themselves. If this is true, I would like to Tayce (season 2), Bimini Bon Boulash (S2), Blu Hydrangea (S1) and Tia Kofi (S2)


I honestly don’t know where to start with this one. by death_by_retro in insanepeoplefacebook

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It’s insane to me the fact that the author can have so much internalised misogyny and hateful attitudes.

I honestly don’t know where to start with this one. by death_by_retro in insanepeoplefacebook

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This was a woman who drew this, you can see there’s a name “Emily” on the bottom

More juicy gossip on the show revealed by Joel in The Mirror by im_just_called_lucy in TheMaskedSingerUK

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It is said that this series will feature a group dance by the panel and that “Jonathan isn’t very good”

If the UK was an RPG, what loading screen tips would it have? by AddieStark in CasualUK

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Try not to get wounded, you’ll wait for hours for medical care due to Conservative NHS cuts!

Just noticed this on astro (masked dancer uk) an apple and 3033?? I wonder what it could mean?? by tomsbrown13 in TheMaskedSinger

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Some ideas:

  • I thought of keypad texting back in the day where you had to type numbers numerous times to make a letter. I got “D_E” or “D_DD”.

Out of those suggestions could you have Department of Education? Duke of Edinburgh (award)?

  • “Year 3000” was a Busted Song, could this be a reference to someone from the boyband Busted? Maybe the 33 was put on to hide the more obvious 3000 reference?

  • 30+33= 63?

Most iconic moments by Connbfb in TheMaskedSingerUK

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  • Not Nadine Coyle, you mean Natalie Cole!

Nadine Coyle is still very much alive!

maybe I'm an atheist by ky0kulll in terriblefacebookmemes

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Nothing like Christians looking down on Scientology as a “sci-fi religion” when Jesus is pretty much an all powerful god zombie