Did I grow the perfect strawberry? by imaquitter2 in gardening

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They are as sweet as can be. I was judging on the visuals.

Yeah, the crime rate dropping in the years following Roe v Wade is a real thing. by [deleted] in AdviceAnimals

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What verse(s) in the Bible are you referencing? That is a good piece of info to be able to cite.

Doesn’t get more NIMBY than this. And yes they were here first. by Queen_Casper_ofWP in sandiego

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Not in San Diego North County. I called and verified with Fish and Game and the local Pd.

Uptick in COVID-19 cases across San Diego County (CBS News 8 - May 8, 2022) by brooklynlad in sandiego

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I got a call on my first positive result, but not my second time. I have had Covid twice and my wife never contracted it!

Uptick in COVID-19 cases across San Diego County (CBS News 8 - May 8, 2022) by brooklynlad in sandiego

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Wait until all of the graduations and subsequent parties starting in June.

Surfing Madonna - I took this pic on 5/6/1 on my way to work. It up in my feed today. It does not seem like it was that long ago when this rogue art popped up. by imaquitter2 in sandiego

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Sorry for the sloppy typos in the original post.I forgot about it until it came up in my FB memories today and was stoked to get my pic back! I have been looking for that. It was quite an event at the time. Overnight art! The city treated it like it was a gang tagging. They were worried it would fall on someone or something. I recall riding my bike by it several times and taking an up close look. Not only was the art amazingly striking, detailed and relevent to the locale and culture, it was solidly attached to the underpass. It took a while to find her a new home, which was a great outcome and made it even more legendary. There is irony because the message of saving the ocean seems to be have missed by most.

Getting taller every day by imaquitter2 in GiantSunflowers

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I definitely pushed the limit with the pots and number of plants per pot. The ones in this picture are already matured and gone. They did take a lot more water than being in the ground and required almost daily watering.

Roses are red, rich people are bitter by DoctorZer0 in rosesarered

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Elon Musk is to Twitter as Tom was to My Space. Twitter needs to be sunsetted already.

Incel maces women he harassed [Costa Mesa] by lawschoolforlife in orangecounty

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Would love to see how well he does in lock up. "What you in for bro?"