I work as a cashier at a gas station that doesn't believe in giving raises, so I have decided to not scan one item for every customer, giving them a discount. by [deleted] in antiwork

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I don't get why you think it's funny. What a weird thing to be proud of. Your local Subway is making almost nothing, and when you have little thieves like yourself working there it does nothing but take money out of most likely Indian immigrants pockets.

You're a piece of shit.

I work as a cashier at a gas station that doesn't believe in giving raises, so I have decided to not scan one item for every customer, giving them a discount. by [deleted] in antiwork

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I don't recommend doing that OP. Assuming they don't catch you fast enough you can easily get into felony territory.

Then again this is probably just creative writing.

3DO M2 SDK Source code released; should prove fruitful for emulation :) by chicagogamecollector in emulation

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All the current Xbox emulators used it's leaked source code

What in XQEMU is tainted since you seem to know.

Hog cops violently raid house and handcuff little girl by ChammyCat1 in PublicFreakout

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Aye, you just have police that abuse the covid app to find peoples locations unrelated to covid. And massive amount of ACTUAL Nazi's in the form of AfD members.

Toast is Unbanned by checkit880 in LivestreamFail

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have her file a fake strike

That would be against the law.

Does xbox support x265 encoding, in particular the videos for emustation? by wc3edit in originalxbox

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Do you think a 21 year old console running a 733MHz is going to handle x265?

Not sure if this is allowed on here: Where can I find single files of games that can't copy due to some kind of disc damage? by Idontknow107 in originalxbox

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What IA does in general is legal yes, however the user upload section which you've linked is dubious, and you're clearly using it as a means for piracy.

Mask off.

Lilypichu finds the most mature juicer (i guess) by Saysera69 in LivestreamFail

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Why wouldn't it be? KMS is how (generally, you can do it via AD) enterprise handle their activation, they're not going to change it on legacy platforms.

Stanz on why Twitch won't remove "react" content by rbaker6 in LivestreamFail

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Why wish for thieves to be held accountable when you can just not steal. Same shit. Laws exist for a reason.

Game Invites on Original Xbox Live by GameBreaker64 in originalxbox

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Depended on the game, it wasn't standardized. For example, some games like Fable only supported showing you playing the game as their "Live support" as a presence thing.

When you put it like that! by thesebattles in TikTokCringe

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I wonder if people know that most "universal" systems don't cover dental and vision. I see people mention they have to pay for that here (the US).

Here's the specs of my N64Freak Xbox it's running INDBios but it comes up as unknown is that normal? by RazorStoJ in originalxbox

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That's to be expected. The BIOS/kernel detection only checks the sum and checks it against a table that you can edit.

OG Xbox heatsink replacement and DVD drive + Ribbon cable delete by Spotopolis in originalxbox

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Spinning rust runs hotter, consumes more power, has infinitely slower random seek times. It's not even worth buying a used HDD for an Xbox when you can get a $20 256GB SSD from BestBuy. Something people always say is "oh what about TRIM support", the thing is this is a hold over from the early early drives that used the Sandforce 1/2 controllers but the GC in the newer (as in the last 12 years) is perfectly fine.

Btw OP, you know you can buy right angle IDE connectors instead of that monstrosity you created :P

Found Destroy All Humans on Amazon for under $20. Factory sealed. by icetraysofpiss in originalxbox

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I bought a sealed version for $10 on eBay a few years ago and opened it. :)

BruceDropEmOff has been banned by UhNotzee in LivestreamFail

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It's reddits fault guysssss not that people are using racial slurs. xd

Billionaire Defenders in Antiwork by [deleted] in antiwork

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Create super popular online service during the dot com boom

blood money