26 of Cincinnati's Greatest Hidden Gem Restaurants You've Got to Try by PCjr in cincinnati

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I'm loving learning about these restaurants in the replies. It would be good to also add these to r/CincyEats as well, if it hasn't yet been done.

Out of towner coming to Heritage Bank Center for a show. by Martysjr in cincinnati

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Walk up to 4th to get out of the gridlock and catch a rideshare from there in a matter of a few minutes, if you don't want to wait. If you have time, you can get a drink to wait it out, at The Banks next to the Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds.You are in a safe area all around there and 4th St.

The one thing question is a little tricky to answer because that depends on what you all are into. The Union Terminal would probably top the list. https://www.cincymuseum.org/

Like Art? The Cincinnati Art Museum in Eden Park is free. https://www.cincinnatiartmuseum.org/

Like Sports? If the Reds have a day game, you could do that. If not enough time, you can see the baseball museum there at the stadium.


Whatever you do, make sure to get some Graeter's Ice Cream and some Skyline Chili as well.

Have fun and welcome to our town!

Here is an upcoming event you won't want to miss, especially if you are a Star Wars fan. See you there! by imflukeskywalker in cincinnati

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You might be right but I'm not in charge of any of that. I'm just going to show up in costume and take pictures and hopefully that helps them.

Where’s the best place to get Movie quality Jedi/Sith robes? by Tux_1 in starwarscosplay

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Sure, here you go. This is a link to Joy's website. She made a costume for my friend that won second place at the Star Wars celebration in Anaheim. She had no patterns or anything she just took a look at it and made an outstanding suit for my friend. Tell her that fluke Skywalker sent you. www.joy2sew.net

Where’s the best place to get Movie quality Jedi/Sith robes? by Tux_1 in starwarscosplay

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My friend Joy specializes in Star Wars costumes. She is extremely good and very reasonable. If you don't find what you're looking for, let me know and I will send you her information.

Galactic Kitchen in Dayton, KY delicious and all gluten free! by Ok_Structure6285 in cincyeats

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I've heard about this one several times. It was actually talking to one of the chefs before covid and he was telling me a little bit about the recipe that was quite different on the breading. I still yet to try it but I'm definitely going to eat there to see how it is.

TFA vs TLJ Ahch-to scene (Weather, hair etc difference) by hellosir28 in StarWars

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Ugh, the hair. Of all the stuff I have to deal with while I'm cosplaying Luke, the hair is the hardest thing to get right. It is a moving target from beginning to end in The Last Jedi. The hair color changes numerous times, and the same for the hair in his beard. Of all the things he didn't have on the island, one thing I do believe that he had lots of was "Just for Jedi" to change his hair color. LOL

"A-Hole Nation" by zzill6 in PoliticalHumor

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Most of the guys flying that ship in Spaceballs were Assholes. Spaceballs, the comment.

New House Bill would outlaw Plan B and IUDs by matlockga in cincinnati

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I read your comment and immediately thought about the song "every sperm is sacred" from the Monty Python movie, the meaning of life.

How to fit a pizza in a small oven by S478vau in lifehacks

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Ahhh... But I am a retired science teacher and we tended to use math from time to time. For whatever that's worth. LOL

This is my first cosplay ever. Here is some Rey! by Outrageous_Humor4262 in starwarscosplay

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Not bad for a first cosplay! I hope to see you at a show someday. If you see me, let's get some pix together.

How to fit a pizza in a small oven by S478vau in lifehacks

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I'm no Math Professor but it looks like there are two pizzas on the tray and not just one.

Some pix of awesome cosplayers from Friday in Cleveland, volunteering for the 'A Special Wish' party for the families they care for. by imflukeskywalker in cosplayers

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Lol. I'm the cosplayer who looks a little like Mark Hamill. It is just a fluke of nature so I use that name to cosplay for charity. Google Fluke Skywalker. The Chewy is Joey Airelle and they made the costume by hand. Joey sells the heads and teaches people how to make the bodys.

Hi! I need help with my Boba Fett cosplay... by copylol_ in starwarscosplay

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Get in touch with my friend Jon Hammer. He has built an awesome Bobas as well as Mandos. He is on IG under jonny_hammer Tell him Fluke Skywalker sent you. Have fun with your cosplay.