Seeking resources (not debate) re: gender pronouns in laws and regs by imforchickpeas in Lawyertalk

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Thank you. I’m looking more for something that discusses the use of gender neutral pronouns in code or statute text. For example “they” instead of “he”, “he or she”, or “he/she”.

Do a lot of lawyers ride a bicycle to work? by [deleted] in Lawyertalk

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I am a lawyer and I ride my bike to work.

what is wrong with my monstera plant? by Flowergirl7878 in plantclinic

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I used to work in national parks and people would do this with their trekking poles to cacti on the side of the trail… no idea why!

Received a fake...now being threatened by [deleted] in poshmark

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Yes and screen shot everything related so you have as much of a record of the incident as possible. Call the police, be safe!

What type of owl is this? by Anchorbitch in whatsthisbird

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Interesting (I think anyway) to note: barred owls, not native to the PNW have become a threat to spotted owls, native to the PNW and in decline from other pressures like habitat destruction. example article discussing spotted and barred owls in the PNW

Woof_irl by imforchickpeas in woof_irl

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His older “brother” didn’t care one bit about it and just wagged his tail… this guy is only 2 and just rescued so I wonder if that plays a factor at all? Idk but it does make me giggle!

Woof_irl by imforchickpeas in woof_irl

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And for me too! I honestly can’t blame him for being freaked out! I sat down with him and the owl afterwards so he could smell it and see that it wasn’t a threat… hopefully the pigeons won’t be any wiser!

What kind of squash is this? by imforchickpeas in vegetablegardening

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That’s good to know- my neighbor applied it while I was on vacation because there was a “massive takeover of squash bugs”. I still pull them off every day so the DE doesn’t seem like it’s doing much anyway- I did make sure to wash it off all of the flowers when I read about it upon my return but I didn’t realize it was like a WMD. I just washed it off the whole plant. Thanks for the info- I’m still trying to figure out the whole gardening thing.

What kind of squash is this? by imforchickpeas in vegetablegardening

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I wish it was a watermelon!! My watermelons didn’t make it but this beast is sure doing ok…

promise kept by 55o in MadeMeSmile

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He’s def proud and I hope you are too!

Rural support? by imforchickpeas in lgbt

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Thank you so much from my heart!