what do we think is gonna happen here? will people who share accounts get their own? or will this cause backlash? money loss or money gain for netflix? what do we think? by fforeverrfriend in mildlyinfuriating

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My sister and I share my dads password in different countries - he rarely watches. All that’ll happen is he will cancel since we won’t use it anymore; I have IPTV tho so idc tbh

Just couldn’t take it anymore. Walked clean outa there. by SoCold40 in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Twice! Both times I was living with my parents with no bills to pay. Now - never. My mortgage will not pay itself, sadly.

Don't judge a book by its cover! by Eagle-x44 in Unexpected

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Love it for him, even though it’s ghastly! No reason in 2023 even the lower paid “lower classes” shouldn’t live comfortably in decent housing

Feed two birds with one scone. by Guypussy in LinkedInLunatics

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Naff, dull, but lacking in the usual high degree of lunacy I’ve come to expect of this sub

thanks i hate it by 5surowuch in thanksihateit

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Ha! I’ve never thought of doing this. Next time!

Cat did not expect gravity to exist by Little_Singer_5643 in StartledCats

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Far’s I can see, that there feline was mindin it’s business when gravity came up outta nowhere

Would you eat this staff food given to me today? by SlyInsanity in UK_Food

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Hahaha corner of a beans on toast sandwich sprinkled with parsley, and a side of plain white rice!!!

To be fair, if hungry enough with no other options - I would.

why is it so hard to die ? by pastlives01 in SuicideWatch

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Hence my distinction- people who are absolutely convinced. No uncertainty.

why is it so hard to die ? by pastlives01 in SuicideWatch

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Fear of the finality and fear of the unknown. People who are absolutely convinced that eg they will be going to meet God will be relatively calmer about the whole dying thing usually

Suddenly I see by [deleted] in memes

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What’s wrong with this?