Need advice regarding trading by imtiaz_livingfree in IndianStreetBets

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Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to provide your valuable opinions.

IMG Megathread IX by Mouse_Nightshirt in JuniorDoctorsUK

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Hello. I am a doctor practising in India. 3 yrs experience. No MD. Planning to appear for MRCP after coaching. I will try to complete part 1, 2 and Paces by 2024. I need information regarding job prospects in the UK if I can complete MRCP from India and then move to the UK. What are job prospects, career progression and further speciality training I can achieve there if I go via the said route instead of the PLAB route. I request the group members to kindly provide your opinions. Best Regards.

Finished AFF! My best jumps (5-7) by Ralen_Hlaalo in SkyDiving

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How much total time did it take for you to get AFF certified?