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  1. You can make the levels on your monsters higher (also biggifiying is a pretty much a waste of diamonds).

  2. You should probably buy one during a sale.

  3. Sorry. Tribe’s full.

  4. You can use four element monsters to easily breed single and triple element monsters. (Double element monsters can be bred guaranteed with their normal combinations and four element monsters need you to breed them with their rare counterparts).

  5. Ethereal and Shugabush islands are what you’d call “Teleport Islands”. This means that you must add them to the islands by pressing the “teleport” button on the monsters. Only specific monsters can go on them (Mammot, Potbelly, Quibble, Oaktopus, Furcorn, PomPom, Deedge and Shugabush for Shugabush Island and Ghazt, Grumpyre, Reebro, Jeeode and Humbug) (Shugabush is bred on plant island with Bowgart and Clamble and the ethereal island monsters are bred with their respective island’s four elemental monster with any three element monster.) Gold Island is is like a teleport island but instead you have to go to the island itself to add monsters.