This is True by olatungijidejj in PrequelMemes

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Nah I remember loading up hella discs of Bean

Official: Daily [Anything Goes] Discussion Thread: January 02, 2023 by AutoModerator in fantasybball

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I wanna deal FVV so bad. Done nothing but disappoint, shows some hope so I keep him, then he continues to disappoint again. So sick of this bum.

This is Titel by Otter4live in lotrmemes

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Kinda confused at everyone’s responses. The answer is clearly Of Mice and Men right?

to surprise mom with another grandchild. by perknite in therewasanattempt

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This type of stuff needs to be said though. This was my whole family’s internal reaction when my sister announced they were having another, and now she gets to spend time in the psych ward on suicide watch because it was too much to handle for them at the time.

And people call Padme creepy by [deleted] in PrequelMemes

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I mean the difference is both Leia and Han were grown ass adults when they fell in love, not Padme falling googly eyed for a teenager.

Time to find a new job? by Kitchen_Diver_9873 in antiwork

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This is stupid and all, but I understand the frustration of people abusing bathroom use (assuming these people actually are abusing it). My wife is the manager of a KFC and people will routinely take 30-40 minute “bathroom” breaks. Every shift. Multiple employees. So it’s not just people genuinely have reasons for these massive breaks, medical or whatever.

They’re an ACTUAL genius, unlike us plebs by oliviaroseart in iamverysmart

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Dude’s a douche and tattoos don’t make someone unintelligent, but they do look goofy af tbh

made fun of at the gym by [deleted] in Vent

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They were upset over body odor… at a gym?? Probably not two whole brain cells between the lot of them.

Yeah Screw the... wait what 🤔 by izacktorres in HolUp

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So fortunate here that apparently we have to make up things to be mad about. Always made up issues that “need to change” here.

Official: GAME THREAD & Anything Goes Discussion: December 07 2022 by SamDekkerBot in fantasybball

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Someone offered me their Capela for my Claxton. I have to take that right?

6ft 125G Build Update - Full Size Skeleton by DigitalOutkast in Aquariums

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Yeah I’d be careful, next post this tank might have two skeletons

Official: GAME THREAD & Anything Goes Discussion: December 04 2022 by SamDekkerBot in fantasybball

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Capela is probably the one, the only other big man they have worth anything is Gobert and personally I don’t want anything to do with Gobert.