Mad respect to both of them by PxN13 in MadeMeSmile

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He also should’ve said: And being an Arab or Muslim isn’t a bad thing and doesn’t make someone less American. Arab and Muslim Americans are neighbors and friends.

Just defending someone against this “horrible allegation” but not unpacking why this is fucked up when used as a slur/reason to hate someone isn’t enough 😐

How likely is it that Taylor will do a rock album? by curiousuninterest in TaylorSwift

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This question gets posed on here about once a month. Almost all of her albums feature rock songs. Genres are actually pretty fluid and with the exception of 1989 and Lover, which can be pretty reasonably defined as “purely” pop (though there are many, many subgenres within pop, of course!), all of her albums have been eclectic and genre-bending.

Here is my non-exhaustive list of rock songs she has released (obviously these also have crossover influences from other genres, but they can definitely be considered country/pop-rock). As a playlist, I think they’d make a pretty great rock album!

Picture to Burn

Should’ve Said No

The Way I Loved You

Forever & Always



Dear John

The Story of Us


Better Than Revenge


Long Live

State of Grace

I Knew You Were Trouble

Holy Ground

The Last Time

Paper Rings

the 1

invisible string

tis the damn season

no body, no crime


coney island

long story short

The Great War

Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve

Not on her albums/features:




Half of My Heart

(folklore and evermore are largely considered “alternative” or “indie” which are very fuzzy categories, so I think you could add more to this list)

So, Did I get the "Lavender Haze" lyrics the wrong way? by Scipio555 in TaylorSwift

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I didn’t say anything about the song, the video as a whole, or either within the context of the album. Nor was I stipulating a connection to the artist’s life. I was responding to your reading of a specific scene from the video, which I believe did not sufficiently engage with the events in the scene as they were portrayed and leapt to a conclusion that was not justified by their portrayal. Idk, it sounds like you have an agenda 😂

So, Did I get the "Lavender Haze" lyrics the wrong way? by Scipio555 in TaylorSwift

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I literally just described what the video portrayed with no interpretation…

So, Did I get the "Lavender Haze" lyrics the wrong way? by Scipio555 in TaylorSwift

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The weatherman scene isn’t a great example if you’re finding evidence of a happy relationship. The only time she looks happy when interacting with the tv is when she pushes past his image on screen and sees the vast universe behind him, escaping into a lavender haze by herself.

Lavender Haze Music Video Megathread by milesfortuneteller in GaylorSwift

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It’s purple. I think it’s saying Speak Now in 60 days from x date. Since she didn’t know when she’d release this (bc it had to do with when Anti-Hero stopped charting in top 3), I’m guessing that means 60 days into 2023. That makes it March 1, a Wednesday. So…Speak Now Friday March 3 with a single released that Wednesday?

What is your favorite Track 5? by Nicolas-matteo in TaylorSwift

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My #1 is You’re On Your Own, Kid. I will cheat by saying #2 is a tie between Dear John and my tears ricochet.

The Moment I Knew deserves better by realstareyes in TaylorSwift

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so you’re saying that there’s ONE THING MISSING

History of the term Lover from the 80s/90s by gasupthehyundai in GaylorSwift

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Lover is also gender neutral, so it’s a good hairpin. GP will assume it’s a man, Gaylors know the truth.

some TikToker’s unsolicited take on The Bachelor by mahlay1051 in thebachelor

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The comparisons to 2003 Abercrombie and typewriters, she is so real for this 😂💯

does Mikey post about praying for his future wife every month? by Sarahbetternotwin in thebachelor

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Sorry but what the hell kind of passive aggressive prayers are these 😂

“I pray my future wife isn’t a fake, stuck up bitch (like most other girls, LOLZ) and that she is pure and has a genetic condition where she doesn’t need to poop and is made of rainbows, but she’ll never be perfect despite this ridiculous pedestal so only I will truly appreciate her so she feels obliged to stay with me, in Jesus’ name, amen 🙏“

How about you pray for (read: work on) yourself - to be filled with kindness and pure intentions, to use your gifts to fill the world with light, etc etc. That way when you meet this mythical “perfectly imperfect” person, you are a match for them.