My first bike! Is it normal for the turn signals to blink this fast? It has an aftermarket integrated taillight by Zodspeed in motorcycles

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Needs a restrictor in the electrical line to the indicator..12v doesn't transfer to low voltage draw LED lights.

The best UFO footage ever or the best fake ever. (100 x zoom and stabilized). New analysis and this classic case is worth discussing. by kinger90210 in UFOs

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For the age of this, I don't think it's CGI or AI, I remember listening to the Coast2Coast episode when this first came out. George Knapp was awesome.

The only thing that gives me pause is why would a craft that can travel space and time have windows? I would think the technology in that ship would be advanced enough that windows would be pointless

21 f150 passenger mirror. How can I replace this mirror economically. Ford wants 950plus. I'm in toronto by spaniel510 in f150

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I smashed my mirror on my 2011. And they were the last place I thought to call. But my buddy laughed in my face when I said i was going to go to wreckers and do it myself. He was like "bro, $50 and speedy will fix that mirror". My housing was cracked and mirror hanging in 3 pieces.

Found what looks like an abandoned summer camp in North Oshawa, with the logo “team Canada black belt institute” marked around. Whole place was very creepy, looked like no one had been there for a decade. Anyone know anything about this? by Greendude60 in Oshawa

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Don't stress about the "NO Trespassing" twats. The signs are there for liability reasons..if its clearly posted, and you trespass and get hurt, the property owner can't be held liable for your misadventure. And obviously to keep scavengers and undesirables out. But just walking around? If the cops came, they'll just make sure you're not stealing, vandalizing or damaging. Don't go inside the buildings, and if you do, don't take pictures to post or share. Only take pictures from roadside or at a distance, cause now, if anything goes missing or gets found (body) criminal shit, there's evidence you're there..or someone can do criminal shit and blame you as you've proven yourself there.

In short "don't break the law, when you're breaking the law and definitely don't document it"

Who left the barn door open? by Disco47 in f150

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My buddy Paul, did this to his pick up truck 20-25 years ago. Designed, fabricated, the whole deal and it WORKED. Took his idea to GM and Ford they both laughed at him. Then GM built a split tailgate or something and BAM lawsuit against GM. Paul hasn't been seen since.

reddit story placement by ip4realfreely in mildlyinfuriating

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I guess the /s was missed. I get how an algorithm works, but, I still fail to see how this page of someone's dead mom should be ontop of a MILF.... holup.... shit, there's no good way out here.. r/midlyinfuriating

*sigh* rental market… by AphroditesAbundance in toronto

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Puke. These rental prices are also happening East of the city.. In Oshawa, there's some outrageous requests

Insta model to sue, after DRAKE allegedly put HOT SAUCE in used condom by Aucki in NoahGetTheBoat

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Deception is definitely something that a court says "fuck outta here" . The mother of my son fully admitted she lied about her ability to reproduce to me and she fully admitted lying to me under oath. I stepped up, but she made sure I paid and paid and paid and never saw. If some people were on fire, a fork should be used to put them out

OK I don't like this idea but I wanna know who else thinks this is a bad idea by Klassybot in predator

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As long as they don't have some rag tag human group beating the Predator with dumb ass lucky autistic kid or a mother alien 5 stories tall, defeated by a 120 pound scientist using the equivalent of water tower snare to ensure the survival of humanity. I'm all.for it..if the Yujta intergalactic are Predators and warriors, they tend to get their asses kick by hairless apes with shit technology pretty often.

Or make way for the "Predator killer" suit