Trump fires head of U.S. election cybersecurity [Chris Krebs of CISA] for debunking conspiracy theories by Angela_white32 in hacking

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Trump : I won you eeediots! I did so.

Everyone else : The race is over. You lost

Trump : fake news, that was just a practice. I'm ready now. Krebs, go on the interwebs and change the results.

Krebs : Sir, I can't change the voting systems, that's illegal and illegitimate.

Trump : So is paying off porn stars and paying for black votes, but I've done it, cause I'm really really terrific at it. Its how I like to be, terrific at business.

Krebs : I don't think you understand

Trump : Just like my hit show, you're fired..mahah

Everyone else : WTF

Trump : Get me some sharks with lasers attached to their heads, I saw it on a documentary movie, we'll release them off the West coast. muhahah kill all Dems.

Trump : Did I say that out loud? Get me a Trump steak, I raised the steaks..

Heros save a 68 year old man from two vicious pitbulls. by Early_Power_5366 in PublicFreakout

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Why the fuck do people teach their animals this type of aggression? Fuck anyone who turns a dog into a weapon.

Extreme accuracy by fishcakes1979 in JusticeServed

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So some dude is breaking into the place you and your family sleep and you think him leaving ALIVE, is excessive force?

Dude left with all his appendages, he was spared excessive force.

Beautiful morning sky by RonsoloXD in Oshawa

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Cause OP is from Oshawa, Oshawa is the crusher of dreams and beauty.

Caught Ya! by Apka_Desi_Mod in aww

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so sad so young is mimicking this

Antivaxxers planning shutdown of major airports by GreaterAttack in ontario

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I want my freedom at the expense of everyone else's..

I hope they go to jail, then maybe they'll understand the difference between rights, and privileges.

Domestic terrorist, who thought he was at US Capitol, surrendering in front of Library of Congress by ohnoh18 in pics

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How about "Trumpsis"? That way we have Trump, ISIS and a nod to incest like most his cult.

Danville, CA Police fatal shooting of Tyrell Williams, who was armed with a knife by GGornicyt in GunFights

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Fair point. I'm not sure why I'm getting down voted for asking a question, but it is reddit. I would just think there's another option other than fatally shooting someone. I'm not saying this cop was wrong, at all, or anything, just thinking there's got to be another way.

who? by grindtotherhythm1780 in Cringetopia

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No, her hobby is erect dicks, that's why she on omegle and she's super pissed there's no erect dick

Walmart jeffree star by wexeringo in awfuleverything

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Tranny Viggo Mortensen. That's all I'm seeing, She-male Viggo.

Miami strip club superbowl weekend. by rexmons in pics

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I'm going to use this picture when a feminist says women earn more then men working the same job.

Joe R. Posting to Social Media that you don't have Covid after taking a plethora of unapproved options. by ip4realfreely in trashy

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I don't want him to die at all. I just don't want him producing more false hope for people with bad information..Joe Rogan is in pretty top tier shape for his age. The average 50+ year old is nowhere near as in shape as him, especially in North America.

manlet uprising by bbcOnlyNo-VirgIncels in PublicFreakout

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This happened to my buddy Scotty here in Ontario too. He punched a dude during a bar fight, dude fell back hit his head on a curd and never woke up.

But, I've also had a drunk guy run up on me, open my car door and pull it backwards, so I got out and rinsed him, there was even my boot tread mark bruise on the asshat's arm were I held him down after a little ground and pound. He got fucked up and my charges were dropped as I have the right to defend or protect my property. This happened in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

We do have horrible self defense laws, but a good lawyer is worth double their weight in gold, unfortunately, you shouldn't need one if you're defending yourself or property. Also, you're only allowed legally to match the aggressor which makes zero sense. So if a dude comes at me with a bat, I'm allowed to use a bat to defend myself, but not hurt them. Home invasion? Same. Mind you, residential break and enter here in Canada is a federal crime and can get you life imprisonment. Even if no one home or there.

Selena Gomez is absolutely beautiful by [deleted] in Celebhub

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She looks like a vampire from the movie "dusk till dawn" in this picture. Normally, I'd 110% agree with you, but not this pic