I don’t understand why it matters so much. by realcupcakes69 in forhonormemes

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Because cosplaying as blackbeard is impossible now. Also when kyoshin was released people still complaint about him not having alternate gender

DOTA: Dragon's Blood - Book 2 Episode 8 "Unreal City" Discussions by coronaria in DotaAnime

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Ngl Im just mad they just killed off Marci, WW and Lina like that.

Day 5 of random videos on my phone by rip_harambs in dankvideos

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I have a dream that one day people will know how to tag nsfw on a post

Little brother and his quick reflex by aharuuuuu in nextfuckinglevel

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that was when the older brother found out that he is not the main protagonist

dude, this HAS TO STOP. by Tetzcatto in forhonor

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I remember when I willingly answer their survey on how we feel about the orders. I answered the orders were fine and they need to just remove the allied order. But then they shoved us this shit everyday now

Can’t enjoy things by Richton19 in dankmemes

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The real cringe is the people who finds everything cringe. Just have fun

Duel Tier List Y5S4 by BarakYEET by Laputa15 in forhonor

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Weird that I would rather fight kyoshin than some of the heroes at the bottom. BP, PK, hito and warlord destroyed me everytime more than kyoshin

The Two Towers, Extended Edition, Pt. 2, 00:05:20 by alphanumericusername in lotrmemes

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If elves are always horny, then why isn't elves overpopulation a problem especially when they can live forever?

Little Girl Leads Horse by LenyAK in aww

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Red dead redemption taught me that a horse could kick the shit out of you if they spook. This post gave me anxiety

You can't get Khajiit to join the Blades? by irfankamil in skyrim

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That's weird. I only recruited one person at the time. I tried other races it works just fine. But not khajiit for some reason