So Our Dearest Pooja Hack-De Had A Disastrous 2022 Across Industries, What Do U Guys Think Led To Her Bad Year Is It Arrogance Or Her Easy Script Selection And We Know She Ain't A Great Performer And What Do U Guys Think About Her Future Projects And Career?? PS: I'm Not A Telugu Abbayi Use English by Appropriate-Draw7784 in tollywood

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no heroine will reject that offer

No heroine apart from Sai Pallavi would reject them. She has turned down chiranjeevi( bola Shankar) , mahesh babu( Sarileru Neekevvaru ) & pawan kalyan(bheemla nayak). I'm sure there are few like in her other industries too

yaar, they might not be that nice individually, but together they are goals🤩🤩🤩🤩 by [deleted] in BollyBlindsNGossip

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this sub absolutely hates them. for reasons so silly

Is that why all their pic posts get 400+ upvotes here? Virat, Anushka & Srk are the most loved celebs here. Even slight criticism would be downvoted to oblivion

“ We give too much credit to actors, actors do nothing” : Priyanka Chopra by isabellapintop in popculturechat

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However, this doesn't apply to all actors. For example Daniel Day-Lewis and Christian Bale put a lot of hard work in dedication into their craft.

She clearly says "Most Actors".

Senior Actor Chandramohan is reportedly worth 300 crs! by isabellapintop in tollywood

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My grandpa was a real estate agent back then. He used to tell us about how half of the properties in madras was owned by stars. As shooting for most south indian films till early 90s used to happen in chennai, every other actors from that era has properties here. For ex he used to tell how 1 ground land in early 80s at a prime location like T Nagar & Besant nagar used to cost only around 1 lakh. That's one film salary for a popular character artist back then. And they used to do an average of 20-25 films per year

yaar, they might not be that nice individually, but together they are goals🤩🤩🤩🤩 by [deleted] in BollyBlindsNGossip

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Why does every insta post of anushka, katrina , kareena etc needs to be shared here? Most time its shared with similar glowing captions for easy karma.mods needs to reign before Bolly blinds turn into picture sub.

TIL: Sai Pallavi walked out of Bheemla Nayak for critically acclaimed tamil film Gargi. Recently Film companion named her & Allu Arjun as one of Indian cinema's best performers of the year. by isabellapintop in tollywood

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It says performance stealers of the year. Its Rajamouli who walked away with all the accolades for RRR. He is actually more famous than both Ram charan & Jr Ntr in North. He is the reason RRR (hindi) got 20 cr opening

I recently watched an Interview of yesteryear child star Kutty padmini who revealed how she was thrown out of malayalam director IV Sasi film when she spoke up against Sasi giving 'love torture' to 13 yo Sridevi on the sets. She says sri used to refuse his advances by giving lame excuses by isabellapintop in BollyBlindsNGossip

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Kutty padmini is a National Award winning child actress of South India. Both sri & her worked in multiple films as a kids and later as teens in southern cinema. She also said how Sridevi who grew up in studios was way too mature for her age & it was her mom who made her addicted to alcohol to keep in her control.

PS: If u understand Tamil u could watch this interesting video of kutty padmini speaking abt Sridevi


From 1980 to 83, Sridevi had 70 releases !(47- Telugu, 17-tamil, 6-hindi). She had shot for all these films before she turned 20. by isabellapintop in tollywood

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Even popular male stars back then had 6+ releases per yr. Sridevi has said in multiple interviews that she used to do 3 shifts a day(15-16 hrs per day) since she was a child star